Intel’s Nicola Procaccio protagonist at WMF 2022

Intel's Nicola Procaccio protagonist at WMF 2022

Nicola Procaccio, Intel’s Country Lead, participated in the third edition of We Make Future, reference festival on digital and social innovation. The participation was an opportunity to talk about cutting-edge technologies in the chip manufacturing sector that represents a reference in Intel’s business.

The words of Nicola Procaccio of Intel on the occasion of WMF 2022

Here is what he stated Nicola Procaccio of Intel on the occasion of the intervention on the stage of WMF 2022: “A chip is among the most complex objects ever produced by man, perhaps even the most complex, if we consider that some of them contain up to 50 billion transistors, each of them which is 10,000 times thinner than a human hair “

Procaccio added: “A microscopic object that is built in gigantic factories, with rooms a thousand times cleaner than an operating room. It is a huge effort to produce a tiny object, but it is worth it, because chips are the engine of digitization and make all digital experiences possible ”.

An increasingly European future for the company

For Europe, Intel plans a maxi-investment of 80 billion euros. With this investment, the company intends to create “mega factories” of chips, destined to become a reference for the company’s activities as well as to represent research and development hubs. The goal is to rebalance the chip manufacturing supply chain over the next few years, reducing dependence on Asia which accounts for 80% of today’s global production.

Intel’s 2030 goals include achieving the 100% electricity target from renewable sources in all manufacturing operations worldwide. There is also a focus on efficiency that will aim the company to achieve savings of 4 billion kWh of electricity. The devices and servers will experience a tenfold increase in efficiency, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions associated with their operation.

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