Renault is the first French carmaker to arrive on TikTok

Renault arriva su TikTok: è il primo costruttore di auto francese sul social thumbnail

Renault continues to expand its digital community by debuting on TikTok. For a few days, in fact, Renault has been able to count on an official account for TikTok which will allow the company to reach its users even more easily. Note that Renault is the first French car manufacturer in the world to officially debut on TikTok.

Renault arrives on TikTok: aim to conquer the youngest audience

With his new official account, Renault aims to win over TikTok users with dedicated content. The company announced it has been working on a creative line that combines TikTok codes with premium execution. The goal is to create content suitable for the platform and its 400 million active users every month, with a particular focus on the younger audience.

Renault has anticipated that videos dedicated to its models will arrive on the social network, behind the scenes of the shooting of promotional videos and major events. All will be accompanied by original and captivating soundtracks. With its new account, the French company aims to renew itself again, confirming its positioning as an innovative brand.

Renault can already count on a very rich community which includes fans on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Overall, the company is able to reach billions of accounts thanks to social platforms. The arrival on TikTok marks an important step forward in the company’s growth program.

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