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Interactive Teaching System, the future of school is already here

In the Sicilian Comprehensive Institute of Torregrotta in the province of Messinathe school of the future is already a reality thanks toInteractive Teaching System made by Epson, Zebra e Screenline.

Interactive Teaching System, for a more dynamic and futuristic school

“This classroom has the peculiarity of being simultaneously immersive and interactive – he explained Carla Conca, Epson Italy Video Projector Business Manager – and allows for the expression of new training methods. It is therefore a real Interactive Teaching System, which allows schools to evolve in teaching methodology by making pupils an active part of the lesson. We want to continue to interact with the protagonists of the education world to improve our solutions more and more and participate with them in the school of the future.“

It is, therefore, an immersive and interactive classroom that allows students to immerse themselves in the subjects studied and interact freely with the information. The Interactive Teaching System, therefore, makes possible what many pedagogues have been theorizing for years: the use of a new way of learning alongside the traditional method of the frontal lesson.

“It is a classroom that allows you to travel through time and space, an effective tool for exploration and learning, which integrates traditional teaching with immersive contents that involve the whole class” declared the head teacher Barbara Oteri.

“The possibilities are endless: you can fly in the Universe and see the planets up close, discover the secrets of nature by studying it from a new point of view, reach distant, or dangerous, or inaccessible places, and follow their evolution, discover civilizations of the past and much more, a new way of teaching at the center and allowing students to feel protagonists. Even the teachers welcomed the classroom with enthusiasm, verifying the didactic validity of the tool that involves everyone. With various levels of detail.

What is this interactive classroom

The Interactive Teaching System is a revolutionary solution for technology and costs: it is a kit which allows schools to be able to purchase a classroom of this type without worrying about having to find the right space, as a space of 3×3 meters. Furthermore, it does not even require adaptation work, as installs in half a day.

It also uses a open and secure web based system and updatable software (Mozaik) for which a 3 or 5 year license is foreseen.

The kit includes:

  • three projectors;
  • a structure made up of as many 100-inch screens that allows you to carry out educational activities on a single interactive screen;
  • ability to adjust the height of the projected image;
  • remote assistance for the entire duration of the software license.

The future of the digital world is also coming to school and who knows what other innovative devices the students of tomorrow will be able to enjoy.

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