White Paper 6G di OPPO esamina il futuro della connettività mondiale thumbnail

OPPO’s 6G White Paper examines the future of worldwide connectivity

OPPO presents his White Paper 6G: A Versatile 6G with Minimized Kernel: To Build the Mobile World, examining the world of tomorrow and proposing an innovative connectivity system 6G versatile con minimized kernel.

OPPO’s 6g connectivity

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After 5G, OPPO is already projected towards 6G, evolving communication technology with greater integration of AI technology in communication networks, to rapidly transmit and distribute a large number of models equipped with artificial intelligence.

In particular, AI will be useful to help people manage and control every dynamic directly from the digital worldusing 6G as facilitator of communication between the real and the virtual. This would also lay the foundations for a new “metaverse and the foundation of a truly mobile world”.

6G kernel minimized

The design for 6G proposed by OPPO is called “6G kernel minimizedwhich provides shared features such as:

  • native artificial intelligence;
  • spectrum sharing;
  • security and multiple “6G subsystems”.

The minimized 6G kernel will thus help the network efficiently distribute the different capacities of the 6G subsystems to the corresponding vertical applications. In addition, separate optimizations will be made for four features: Clouding, Critical IoT, Ubiquitous IoT e Sensing.

However, it must be borne in mind that research on 6G technology is still in its infancy, although OPPO has already started its own in 2019, trying to understand how to make features such as: the integration of AI and wireless communications work best; zero-power technology; user-centred projects; the integration of communications and tracking; non-terrestrial networks and terahertz/wireless optical communications.

At present, OPPO will continue to make efforts to further support 5G technology, without neglecting studies on 6G technology. Also, at MWC23’s Barcelona to be held in a few days, OPPO will show the first prototypes of its devices for technological applications based on 6G communication.

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