International E-Waste Day: MMD and Philips Monitors put the spotlight on sustainability

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On the occasion of International E-Waste Day, MMD, brand licensing partner for Philips Monitors and IT accessories, focuses on the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) represents a critical challenge for the environment and human health. In line with this, Philips Monitors is committed to sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact. Despite the continuous increase in e-waste, Europe is promoting a culture that emphasizes the reduction and proper recycling of such waste.

Philips Monitors stands out for its history of technological innovation and its commitment to a more sustainable future. The company is committed to designing and manufacturing monitors that respect the environment; through energy efficiency, fully recyclable packaging materials and compliance with rigorous international environmental standards.

International E-Waste Day: MMD and Philips Monitors put the spotlight on sustainability

Philips Monitors products aimed at sustainability

Among its ecological products, the Philips 272B1G 27″ business monitor is designed to maximize energy efficiency; incorporating technologies such as PowerSensor and LightSensor to automatically adjust brightness and detect human presence, thus reducing overall energy consumption. The 27″ Philips 272B1G Monitor is available on the market at the price of €219.00.

While completely eliminating e-waste is a complex challenge, Philips Monitors continues to promote responsible recycling and proper disposal of obsolete monitors. Through collaboration with partners such as Closing the Loop and TCO Development, the company developed the EcoN pilot project, aimed at sustainably reducing monitor waste. Philips Monitors also supports the use of black and white E-paper displays and the adoption of sustainable packaging materials such as recycled paper. On International E-Waste Day, Philips Monitors actively encourages consumers to participate in the responsible recycling of WEEE and to adopt sustainable practices; highlighting the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.

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