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International Women’s Day: some apps made by women for women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, l’App Store offers a selection of apps designed by women for women and successfully created by Italian influencers, content creators or entrepreneurs. The proposals can help to improve one’s lifestyle, to live healthier or to rediscover the balance between body and mind.

Some apps by women for women promoted on International Women’s Day

Here are the various apps available on the App Store promoted on the occasion of International Women’s Day

ARYA Training

With Giulia Calcaterra and the trainer Jo Dunica you can enter the world of outdoor sports with the best trainers in Italy and always live new experiences with the community. The app ARYA allows you to choose between different training courses based on your level of athletic preparation and the goals you want to achieve. Giulia and Jo will lead each session, explaining the exercises with motivation and energy (free to download, offers subscriptions and in-app purchases).

Traininpink: Fitness al femminile

Traininpink is the reference point for women’s online training and it’s like having Carlotta Gagna and the entire Traininpink community of over 100,000+ girls and women always in your pocket and even closer. It allows you to achieve your goals with training and nutrition programs to love your body and feel stronger and more self-confident.

In the “Training” section there are specific programs for every need, divided by level, place, type and time available. If in doubt, a quiz will help you choose the most suitable training program to start with.

In “Nutrition”, a food program designed by the Traininpink team of nutritionists divided by objectives (lose weight, tone up, gain mass, maintenance) and by type of diet (omnivore, pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan).

Every month also more than 100 recipes already organized and a special function that will automatically create the shopping list based on the plan, in addition to the comfortable “Calendar” and “Progress” sections to organize workouts and meals, as well as keep track of improvements. (free to download, offers subscriptions and in-app purchases).

Silvaloco: Female fitness

With the app created by Silvana Loconte you can lose weight, tone up, increase muscle mass or simply feel good about yourself. All programs are created according to specific needs and characteristics and it is possible to test the workouts by becoming part of a fantastic team of strong, fit, but above all happy women.

Among the features of the app, “Progress” to track and share the progress of the journey by uploading the weight, circumferences and photos from month to month; by syncing iPhone with Apple’s Health app, you can also view steps, calories burned and nutritional data along with your workouts. The “Workout Calendar” sections are also available, personalized according to the program and “Accessibility” for training from smartphones, TVs and computers (free).

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For a healthy lifestyle that starts with nutrition

There is no shortage of apps dedicated to healthy eating.

Roberryc Fit: Diet with taste

Roberryc Fit is an all-in-one platform from Roberta Carluccio’s professional team for meal plans, weight loss and nutritional advice. Created by expert nutritionists and professional chefs, this app helps you develop a healthy, happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

With balanced and nutritious meal plans, workout tracking and intelligent shopping lists, living well has never been easier. The app features 8 different diet plans that vary according to your goals and needs: weight loss, muscle gain, gluten-free, vegan, small budget and much more. Roberryc Fit is integrated with Apple Health, allows you to upload information immediately after completing your workout (free to download, offers subscriptions and in-app purchases).

My Cherry

MyCherry App was created by Giada Todesco, by women, for women. She knows the needs, habits and requirements that a person has when she decides to embark on a healthy lifestyle and specifically, she knows well that of the female gender. The original and unique app is divided into “Home”, “Recipes”, “Blog” and “MyDiary”.

Thanks to the “Recipes” section, you will be able to discover new perfect ideas for a healthy diet every day. In the “Blog” section, information and advice will be provided every day on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in a simple and effective way, and it will be just like having a manual for a Healthy lifestyle with you at all times (downloadable for free, offers subscriptions and in-app purchases).

To rediscover the balance between body and mind

On this day dedicated to women, we must also think about mental health, as well as physical health. Practicing yoga can help a lot.

Yoga Academy

Yoga Academy is the online Yoga school founded by Denise Dellagiacoma. Thanks to courses of different levels, Yoga Academy is designed for both beginners and those who want to improve their practice. Yoga is for everyone: it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, if you’re out of shape or if you don’t like yourself in the mirror, it’s a discipline that embraces the one who practices it, it will help get back in shape, defeat anxiety and reduce stress. Not only will you see physical changes, but your mental well-being will improve as well. Yoga also increases self-esteem, improves willpower and will help feel better about ourselves and others (free).

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