Starfield ha una data di uscita ufficiale: il nuovo titolo di Bethesda arriverà a settembre thumbnail

Starfield has an official release date: the new Bethesda title will arrive in September

Starfield has an official release date: the new Bethesda title will arrive in September thumbnail

Bethesda has finally announced the official release date of Starfield. The highly anticipated action RPG is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6th. After a postponement that took place last year, the arrival of the title on the Microsoft ecosystem seems to be confirmed and will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass from day one.

Finally the release date of Starfield

Fans of Bethesda titles and RPGs were somewhat dumbfounded when the game was postponed last year. The release date of Starfield was in fact scheduled for November 11, 2022 but to guarantee the best possible game, the software house decided to postpone the release.

In the announcement video of the new date, which you can watch above, there are some unpublished images and sequences of the game and a video message of Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda. In the video, Howard talks about the vicissitudes and difficulties encountered during the development of the game mainly due to the amount of elements to manage.

Taking advantage of the occasion, he also announced the arrival of an event dedicated to Starfield. The event will be held next June 11th in which other news concerning the title will be shown. Some of these, like the ability to switch cameras from first to third person, they appeared right in this video! Take a good look at the background while Todd Howard speaks!

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