Internet on vacation: here are the most advantageous offers

Internet in vacanza: ecco le offerte più vantaggiose thumbnail

A new survey by analyzes the best solutions for mobile internet for those who want to have Internet on vacation or to work in smart working even outside the home. The study has identified three different types of tariffs on which users have the possibility to bet. The costs and benefits included have been identified for each tariff.

The solutions for Internet on vacation according to

A first solution for the Internet on vacation and for smart working outside the home identified by the study is that of offers with data SIM. These solutions include an average of 118 GB per month compared to a fee of 13.53 euros per month and an activation fee of 6.25 euros. The Wi-Fi router to be combined with the data SIM, made available by the operators, costs 52.17 euros. Overall, the first 2 months cost € 85.47.

Then there are the offers with data SIM with router in installments. These solutions have an average of 90 GB per month compared to a fee of 13.49 euros per month with an activation fee of 7.50 euros. The cost of the router is just 12 euros. Overall, the first 2 months of the offer cost € 46.48.

There is also the possibility of activating a SIM with minutes, SMS and Giga

The third option identified by provides for the activation of one Rechargeable SIM with minutes, SMS and Giga included. This type of offer allows you to access a bundle of 102 GB per month with a fee of 12.43 euros per month and an activation of 6.31 euros. The Wi-Fi router can be purchased from a third-party retailer at an average price of 55.65 euros. The expenditure for the first two months is 86.81 euros.

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