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Interview with ShRP, Pro Player of Apex Legends for Reply Totem

We had the pleasure of speaking with ShRP, Pro Player of Apex Legends for Reply Totem, and from our chat a very interesting interview was born

We recently got to speak with Dennis “ShRP” Fratantonioa well-known Italian Pro Player of Apex Legends. During our chat we touched on several very interesting topics, such as the introduction of Dennis to the world of eSports and the current state of the Battle Royale of Electronic Arts. If you are interested in these topics and are curious to find out what ShRP has to say, then all you have to do is keep reading our interview.

From abroad to Italy

Before moving on to the actual interview we want to talk briefly about ShRP. Dennis Fratantonio, better known as ShRP, is an Italian Pro Player of Apex Legends who by now has been part of the competitive scene for several years. During his career Dennis has participated in numerous international competitions and was also part of important foreign eSports teams come Myth e Lazarus. ShRP however has not left his country permanently, since about a year and a half ago has finally returned to Italy as a member of the Apex Legends team of gods Reply Totema team he is still a part of today.

It has been several years now since your debut in the world of eSports. What was it that originally prompted you to turn your passion for video games into a job?

Since I was a child, my dream has always been to turn my passion for the world of competitive video games into a job. Being a very competitive person, I then decided to take this path at whatever cost, so as not to regret anything in the future.

Was it difficult to approach the world of eSports?

Approaching the world of eSports is less complicated than it seems. The real difficulty lies in being honest with yourself to understand how much you are willing to sacrifice to reach your goal, once this step is completed it is mainly determination and perseverance.

Apex Legends is a title you’ve been following since day one. What is it that made you fall in love with this game and what is it that keeps you playing it today?

I’ve always been a lover of FPS titles with a high time to kill. Needless to say, as soon as I tried Apex on day one, I fell in love with it completely, although initially the Battle Royale component made me turn up my nose a bit. The gunplay, the movement and in general the mechanical skill required make it the best BR on the square.

By playing Apex Legends for so long you have had the opportunity to experience all the changes in the game firsthand. What do you think of the current state of the title? Are there any changes you would like to see implemented in the future?

I think the title is gradually improving and I am very happy about it, there are many things that still need to be improved but, if I could choose one before the others, I think I would ask for a further change to the ranked system which is still a bit unsatisfactory despite everything. .

For sure you have also had the opportunity to take a look at the new Apex Mobile. What do you think?

Unfortunately due to my scruffy phone, I have only played 4 games for the moment hahaha. I know little about mobile FPS but I think the game is developed really well, maybe even better than the PC version.

Before Apex what were the titles you used to try your hand at?

I have played a lot of titles, even if 90% of the hours I spent on multiplayer games like: World of Warcraft, Battlerite, Halo, Unreal tournament, Dota 2. The list is really long.

It has been more than a year now since you joined Reply Totem. How did you feel within the team during this period?

At the moment Reply Totem is the best org I have ever found myself in both in Italy and worldwide, unlike many other realities they are super professional and do not try to be deceived. Furthermore, the communication between staff and players is very direct and unhindered, which I really appreciate.

Are you satisfied with the results achieved so far within the team?

Although I recognize my good goals achieved so far, I absolutely want to improve and take home at least one victory in LAN.

What are your goals for next year?

Rebuilding a solid team that performs and that leads me to win another European title, and then move on to the world championship.

Many thanks to Dennis for the availability!

Here ends our short interview with Dennis “ShRP” Fratantonio. If you want to stay updated on Reply Totem and Dennis activities, just follow their respective ones pagine social and, if you are interested, we suggest you take a look at the canale Twitch qShRP.

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