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Trifo Ollie review: the vacuum cleaner robot

Trifo Ollie is proposed as a robot vacuum cleaner designed for our 4-legged friends; whether he convinced us or not, however, you will find out only in the course of this review

TuttooteK has already seen many robotic vacuum cleaners pass by. Among the brands already treated there is precisely Trifo. This is a fairly young company, which sees its birth in 2016 and which, in its products, aims at a specific target: pet owners.

With this in mind, Trifo Ollie is not sold like the classic robot vacuum cleaner. The bundle includes accessories for our pets. Ollie also promises to safeguard the latter thanks to his AI. Let’s move on to the complete review to understand if the company’s new product is valid, highlighting pros and cons.

Package Contents – Trifo Ollie Review

The “animal lover” nature of this product appears from the packaging. The packaging is very well taken care of, but what does it contain? Well, first of all (obviously) the robot vacuum cleaner with underneath the classic brush already engaged. We can then find the charging base with power supply. We then move on to accessories for our animals: one brush designed for the suction of the hair it’s a accessory in which it is possible to insert perfume (included in package) e which also acts as a laser to entertain dogs or cats. There is no shortage of classics instruction booklets (the Italian language is present), clear to guide us in the first steps and in the replacement of the various components, as well as in solving the most common problems.

Data sheet

  • Robot dimensions: 360mm in diameter by 84mm in height
  • Base dimensions: 140mm in width, by 72mm in height and 140mm in depth
  • Suction power: 4000Pa
  • 1080p HD camera with night mode
  • Bin capacity: 600ml
  • Carpet detection: yes
  • Navigation system: double SLAM
  • ToF depth sensor
  • HEPA filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Possibility to manage it through Google Home or Alexa

Design and Construction – Ollie Trifo Review

One of the aspects that most convinces without even testing the vacuum cleaner it’s its aesthetic. Ollie features an all-black colourway, with a satin gold lid with the company logo. From a design point of view, we really liked it. The base also houses the same colors in a glossy plastic.

Speaking of construction, Ollie is made almost entirely of plastic. On the front we have a cushioned section with a small rubber profile. This allows to preserve the product when it hits walls or other surfaces. The front also houses the camera and sensors aimed at mapping. On the upper side there is the lid, in addition to the button for on / off and the one to send the vacuum cleaner to the base. Once the lid is lifted, we will find the 600ml tank that can be easily removed by clicking a single button. In addition to this, there is the WiFi button (with attached LED) and the reset button.

The underside is similar to most robot vacuums out there. Here we find the rotating brush (which can be replaced by the rubber one), the two driving wheels, the small wheel that allows you to turn, the sensors to prevent the robot from falling in case it goes towards stairs, the rotating brush to clean the corners and pins for charging.

As mentioned earlier, there is the possibility of installing the laser pointer / perfumer. In addition to hooking it on one side, we will have to apply a small felt adhesive to it, in order to anchor it better. By testing this accessory, we realized how it tended to fall when it hit the surfaces. It actually didn’t turn out to be all that useful. Unless you want to use it stand-alone to entertain your pets, it will probably remain in the drawer collecting dust.

The First Steps – Trifo Ollie Review

The installation of the robot was really simple. Just follow the steps in the guide, install theapp Trifo Home, connect everything to the home WiFi and have the plan mapped. For the first mapping, we advise you to remove as many obstacles as possible, so that the robot can generate an interference-free virtual floor plan. As for the base, this is really small and will allow us to position it even in confined spaces; the important thing is that there is enough space for the robot to reach it and position itself on it. Once the plan is mapped, we can go to assign a name to the rooms, already divided into various colors thanks to the robot’s AI.

All operations can be carried out from the app. We will be able to control the robot manually, manage the suction intensity, change the map by setting areas that are prohibited for cleaning, start videos and take photos, but also set functions, such as cleaning under the furniture and schedule cleaning based on the day and the day. ‘Now. We will also be able to check various parameters, such as the remaining battery, the cleaning time, the surface to be cleaned (also thanks to the map that updates based on where the robot has already passed) and see the state of wear of the components.

Regarding the interaction with our animals, the video camera comes to meet us. Through the latter we will be able to take a look at our furball, as well as speak through the microphone of the smartphone and the speaker of the robot. Furthermore, thanks to the video camera, we will be able to set motion detection. In case of cleanup, then, Ollie will send us a snapshot of what she viewed, as well as avoiding animals or people.

After the first scan, we ran into a little problem: the charging station appeared in another point of the map and this caused the robot to swap the various rooms, unable to return to the charging base. We were then forced to re-do a total cleanup to reset the map.

Actual Use – Trifo Ollie Review

Our use saw the robot engaged in a floor of about 115 square meters and 6 different rooms. Speaking of its suction capabilities, there is no doubt that the product is qualitative. At home I have no pets but I have a brother who works as a barber and I think he is comparable (if not more powerful) for the amount of hair scattered around the house. By setting the robot to “Turbo – hair cleaner” (which is the penultimate one available), cleaning is truly impeccable. From this point of view, therefore, nothing to say. With this set power he managed to clean an area of ​​112 square meters for 121 minutesbefore returning to the base to recharge starting, of course, from 100% battery and reaching more or less 15%.

We tested the two brushes thrust. While the classic one is excellent for numerous scenarios, including cleaning carpets that are recognized automatically (on which the robot increases the suction power), we particularly liked the rubber brush. This is a really cool addition as it will allow the hair / hair to go straight into the tank without getting tangled in the brush. As far as the amount of dirt is concerned, we have found the rubber insert is able to hold a little more and requires less maintenance since there is no rotating brush from which to remove the dirt.

Regarding the various features available in the app, however, we have some notes to do. One of the most useful features on paper is certainly the cleanliness of the rooms we have chosen. In reality, this function has been successfully completed perhaps a couple of times. While the robot should, in fact, clean the rooms and then return to the charging base, what it does is initially clean the places we have chosen and then continue for the rest of the floor as long as the battery allows. We might think that the function does just that, but the fact that it worked twice as it should with lots of “Job done” feedback makes us think it’s a mistake.

Speaking of the other possibilities, we can control the robot manually by helping us, perhaps, with the camera placed on the front to do it even from a distance by checking obstacles and so on. There is also the possibility to set the day and time for cleaning, in order to make the robot autonomous, or to command the latter through Google Home or Alexa.

Image taken by Trifo Ollie’s camera

Let’s sum it up

Trifo Ollie’s review ends here. This has turned out to be a traditional robot vacuum cleaner, which does not upset the market. What convinced us most were its suction qualities, the design, the rubber brush and the fact that we can take a look around the house thanks to the camera (a nice addition to control our pets). Clearly, for any self-respecting traditional robot, this has both pros and cons. The other side of the coin are certainly the uncertainties on the app side that may be resolved with future updates.

Trifo Ollie is available at a list price of € 349.99 but, very often, it is on offer and you will have no difficulty in winning it with 50 or even 100 € discount. In case you are looking for a cheaper product with similar features, we recommend that you take a look at our Trifo Max review.

A traditional robot vacuum cleaner

Points in favor

  • Successful design
  • Excellent floor mapping thanks to AI …
  • Really good suction and cleaning quality
  • Possibility of viewing through the camera (which records and takes snapshots)

Points against

  • Once the designated room is cleaned, continue throughout the floor
  • … even though the robot had some problems after the first scan
  • The laser / fragrance accessory leaves the time it finds

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