Ecco la nuova Home di Xbox: più personalizzata, fluida e ricca di contenuti thumbnail

Introducing the new Xbox Home: more personalized, fluid and rich in content

Here is the new Xbox Home: more personalized, fluid and full of thumbnail content

Credits: Xbox

Xbox has announced a new version of its Home interfacewhich will be available to all console users Xbox Series X|S e Xbox One in the next weeks. This is an update that aims to improve the user experience, making it more personalized, fluid and rich in content.

New Xbox Home: what changes?

The new Home is the result of a careful study by the Xbox team, who listened to feedback and data from users of the community and Xbox Insiders, examined industry best practices and understood which features were used most by users on their interface. The goal is to offer users an easier and more intuitive way to discover new games, connect with communities and rediscover the titles they already love.

Among the main innovations of the new Home, we find:

  • Quick access menu at the top of the home page. This allows you to easily navigate through your library, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, search, and settings.
  • Simpler and cleaner layoutwhich creates more space for the wallpaper and places recently played titles and other content and apps at the bottom of the screen.
  • Ability to show game graphics associated with recently played titles. This time will be activated by simply swiping between games.
  • Spaces dedicated to the discovery of gameswith personalized lists of titles for each player, based on his tastes and interests.
  • Quick Resume becomes more immediate and comes the chance to fix favorite games and apps.
  • More space for Friends & Communitythe section that shows what your friends are up to and what’s the latest news from the Xbox world.
  • Nuova icona Watch & Listen. This simplifies access to apps and media content.
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