Alerts for trackers like AirTags are also coming to Android

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After announcing it at Google I/O 2023, the Mountain View company has launched a new feature on Android smartphones designed to protect Android users from Bluetooth trackers, such as Apple’s AirTags, when used without your consent. They will arrive this month for users with Android 6.0 and above devices.

Android, alerts arrive for Bluetooth trackers (such as AirTags)

Basically, this new feature will notify you via a notification on your compatible Android device if an unknown Bluetooth tracker becomes separated from its owner and is in your vicinity.

The notification received will provide information on the unknown tracker and will show a map with the tracker’s route, highlighting when he traveled with you. This allows you to understand if someone has intentionally positioned the tracker to monitor your movements.

Additionally, Google has provided an option called “play sound”, which allows you to make the unknown tracker make a noise. This way you can find out where it is – and eventually remove it.

At the moment, alerts from unknown trackers work with Apple AirTags, but Google has promised to continue working with tag makers.

After receiving an alert, you can get more information about the unknown Bluetooth tracker and get tips on how to proceed. Some Bluetooth trackers may share their serial number or other owner information. You can also learn how completely disable the tracker physicallypreventing the owner from receiving further updates on its location.

In addition, Google has introduced a function of manual scan to independently check for nearby trackers. You go in Settings → Security & Emergency → Unknown tracker alerts and touch the button “Scan now”.

This novelty allows you to avoid episodes of stalking and violation of privacy. A collaboration between Google and Apple (on iOS there is a similar function), for the safety of users.

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