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InWin N515 review: a space PC case

In this article we are going to see the review of the InWin N515 case. In Win it has always stood out for bringing quality and novelty to the PC world, will it be successful this time too? Let’s find out together

A different allocation of spaces, quick unlocking, a unique design and much more. There are really many things to say about this cabinet. Obviously we will not focus only on the aesthetic side, but we will also discuss merits e defects, of allocation choices, space management, build possibilities and much more.

Atypical, interesting and innovative | InWin N515 review

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at this case is the top which is studded with bands from colored lights. This solution is present in the version N of 515 (where the N means Nebula) therefore if you are not attracted to this variant you can choose to keep the review good by excluding this detail and excluding the N from your purchase.

Obviously we, thanking InWin for giving us the choice, we decided to bring this variant so that we can guarantee one review more complete. The choices made for this case are really interesting. We find a lot of innovation and some choices that have not been seen for a long time inside a cabinet but which are functional. It would not be called a review if it were not criticized and therefore we will also talk about the things that less convinced us.

Packaging | Review InWin Nebula N515

We find the first surprise as soon as the box is opened. In addition to the classic polystyrene protections, we were pleased to find one fabric cover which completely envelops the case and the protects from any scratches.

We find inside the package in addition to the obvious cabinet, even one resealable sachet with inside the screws, the spacers and some plastic clamps, a command for the sistema ARGB and finally an instruction manual. It is also important to know that we find one already pre-installed ARGB fan and 120mm.

InWin N515 review: a space PC case

What we find on the outside | InWin N515 review

Taking a distracted glance at the outside of the case the first thing that jumps out of sight is the Nebula effect placed in the upper part of the cabinet: the tempered glass with a smoky black color is quite dark. This shade of the glass is quite important, which is why we will go into it later. Just above the glass which is removed with the simple press of a key a block we find a dust filter with magnetic coupling that hides the possibility of inserting a radiator with a maximum size of 360 mm or a series of 120 mm fans (up to three).

The front bulkhead can be easily removed by doing one small pressure outwards. There is really no shortage of dust filters which are scattered around the case at strategic points in a manner Great e intelligent.

Continuing to talk about the possibility of installing fans and / or cooling systems, it is good to remember that in the front part you can install two fans 120 mm or a radiator and 240 mm. Even in the lower part we are given the possibility to install a radiator (up to 360 mm) or fans (up to three 120 mm) even if we consider it an almost impossible choice to be able to exploit properly.

In the upper and front part here is the LED from notification, the power button, that of reset and microphone and headphone input / output. There are also two sockets USB of type A 3.2 Gen 1 and a type C 3.2 Gen 2 × 2.

As for the left side (facing the houses), as anticipated, we find one bulkhead in glass than with a darkened effect recalls the cabinet design. In the directly opposite front, we find another bulkhead, this time in metallo which is appreciated for having one breathable texture.

InWin N515 review: a space PC case

Interior and component installation | InWin N515 review

As for the interior, we have ahead numerous possibilities. As mentioned previously, we can choose whether to mount a series of two or three fans for the front and two for the top. Even a possible liquid cooler with attached radiator can easily find space.

This cabinet Nebula from InWin it also allows us to install SSD and 2.5 inch directly alongside our motherboard.

Speaking of the motherboard, we didn’t mind the choice of not having even an inch of space for hide i vari cables which must be connected in the lower part of the Motherboard (such as audio, USB sockets or cables for front panel operation).

It would have taken very little to have the possibility to hide all the cables just mentioned. In doing so, the cables enter from one side and run through the sundial of the motherboard. Fortunately the glass quite dark it limit by a lot the vision on the outside but for a maniac of precision and the possibility of hiding every inch of wiring like me it was all quite traumatic.

Another choice that just does not convince is to position the power supply at the top of the case. Choice that has not been used for several years and does not adapt to modern configurations. In this specific case, despite the installation of a full modular power supply such as the Pure Power, it was quite challenging to take advantage of the space granted to us so as not to end up the power supply cables inside the front fans. A small bulkhead would have been enough to make us avoid a fifteen or so cable ties. Questionable choices apart from the installation possibilities are really many and perhaps a technical data sheet will give a more complete idea.

  • Cabinet type: Mid Tower
  • Motherboard compatibility: 12″ x 13″ E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Maximum VGA length supported: 385 mm (a stand is pre-installed)
  • Maximum heatsink height: 160 mm
  • Connections: 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1, HD Audio
  • Fan compatibility: top 3 x 120 mm, rear 1 x 120 mm, inferior 3 x 120 mm, front 2 x 120 mm
  • Compatibility radiators: Top 1 x 360 mm, rear 1 x 120 mm, inferior 1 x 360 mm (Slim), front 1 x 240 mm
  • Product dimensions: 515 x 225 x 502 mm

InWin N515 review: a space PC case

Interior and component installation | InWin Nebula N515 review

The possibilities are really many, we can really choose to configure our PC as we see fit. We have the possibility to install fans or heatsinks for the whole cabinet and even large video cards find space easily. Same goes for power supplies and any SSD and 3.5 o 2.5 inches.

The aesthetic impact of the three fans (or liquid cooler) on the front combined with the Nebula system offers excellent visual rendering. Of course, taste is always a subjective thing but the possibility of choice is absolutely and objectively always a good thing.

To conclude we can say that too l’airflow and of good quality. The ability to install fans to let fresh air in and hot air to come out joins the holes intelligently made to the cabinet.

InWin N515 review: a space PC case


In conclusion, we are faced with a case that really offers us many possibilities. The Nebula effect it is an additional touch that aligns with the choices of wanting to offer a different experience, moreover with a heatsink of the same type it could all grow exponentially. Experience that continues thanks to the three fans on the front.

The style choices are not the only ones that have impressed us in a positive way. In fact even the glass that does not need no screw to be hooked or removed has struck us in a positive way and has in some way fascinated us.

To contain the size they were made some choices that didn’t drive us crazy, such as the inability to hide some cables or the management of others. But even in this case the problem is partially mitigated with some stratagems that we have available.

Even the prezzo a little high (for a case that comes with only one fan inside) that’s definitely not a plus.

In conclusion, we need to put some atypical choices on the scale that increase some values ​​at the expense of others and understand if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa, the last word is up to you.

He box InWin Nebula N515 can be purchased at the price of 193.90 euro on the InWin store.

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