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YouTube allows you to loop video chapters

After about a year or so after the YouTube App has added the option to loop videos, a new feature arrives that allows you to play in loop also individual chapters of a video. Therefore, if you now want to watch the same piece of a video over and over again, that’s enough for you press the “Loop” button in the “Chapters” menu.

YouTube: App adds the option to loop video chapters

Apparently, an Android Police player has spotted the new loop playback option within the “Chapters” menu. As far as we know, the YouTube App was testing the feature as early as January of this year, but now it appears to have been implemented in the platform for the first time. In fact, there are many authors of Android Police who have seen the functionality on mobile and desktop platforms. It is clear, therefore, that this is a server-side implementation, and that the option may be officially available to users soon.

Credits: Android Police

In any case, we advise you to check that the function is not already available to you. Find a useful video and check that there is an icon with two arrows to play the chapters in a loop. At this point, by touching the icon, the chapter will start playing again as soon as it is finished. In short, an easy way to review a chapter indefinitely without ever moving. Beyond that, it appears that a new YouTube mobile app is also working on one new user interface. According to a user, the new design will have rounded buttons for options like Share, Create and more. Including comments, the notification icon and the Subscribe button. In short, many new features are to be expected for the application.

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