InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: AiO liquid cooling system

With the new InWin Nebula NR24 / 36, your PC will not only stay cool: it will also become a beautiful design element

InWin recently entered the AIO liquid CPU coolers market and continues to add its own flare to it. The Nebula NR series AIO liquid CPU coolers incorporate a CPU block with a “Nebula” effect: an amazing visual aesthetic that displays a stunning and sparkling range of colors similar to a starry sky. The new Nebula NR24 and NR36 are designed to grab attention and enhance any PC build.

InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: Unique design, high performance CPU AIO cooling

the alette microchannel high-density effectively draw heat away from the CPU, minimizing the temperature delta to unlock maximum thermal headroom and overclocking performance. The innovative separation of the pump from the water block of InWin Nebula NR24 / 36 effectively dampens vibrations and suppresses noise.

InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: AiO liquid cooling system InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: AiO liquid cooling system InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: AiO liquid cooling system

InWin Luna AL120 fans included

InWin associates the Nebula NR series with its Luna AL120 fans, which cool the high performance liquid cooling radiator and extend the ARGB experience with their soft glow lighting. The Luna AL120 PWM fans feature nine crescent-shaped blades, which provide a impressive airflow up to 83 CFM, while their sleeve bearings ensure silent and long-lasting operation. The short cabling is expressly designed to mate with the AIO cooler, while the fans can also be daisy-chained to optimize cable routing convenience and simple fan control with a single adjustment parameter covering them all. .

InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: AiO liquid cooling system

ARGB lighting with software synchronization and one-click controller

The lighting effects of the InWin Nebula NR24 / 36 can be controlled via the ARGB motherboard software and synchronized with other ARGB elements in the PC build, such as InWin’s new Nebula N515 chassis. With 16.8 million lighting combinations via ARGB LEDs, users can really color coordinate their PC builds to perfectly match other components around predetermined themes. Alternatively, InWin also bundles yours controller ARGB One-Click to ensure lighting effects are always accessible in all PC builds which may not support 3 pin and 5V ARGB lighting.

InWin Nebula NR24 / 36: AiO liquid cooling system

It supports the latest LGA1700 and AMD sockets

InWin Nebula NR24 / 36 support all the latest AMD and Intel sockets, including the new LGA1700 (12th generation Intel processors) and the upcoming AM5 (future AMD Ryzen processors with DDR5). For more information on the new InWin NR24, NR36 and other products of the new Nebula series, you can visit the official website.

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