iOS 15.4: notifiche push per web app e supporto ai visori AR thumbnail

iOS 15.4, push notifications for web apps and support for AR and VR viewers

iOS 15.4: push notifications for web apps and support for AR thumbnail viewers

The iOS 15.4 update has arrived in beta and introduces interesting news for Safari: arrives not le push notifications for web apps and also support for WebXR API for AR and VR headsets. Developers will be able to use these innovations for both websites and web apps.

iOS 15.4 introduces new features for Safari, from push notifications for web apps to support for AR and VR headsets

Among the innovations introduced by the beta of iOS 15.4, many developers will particularly appreciate those related to web apps. In fact, although Safari on iOS does support the Web App Manifest since 2018, some features never arrived. For example, many applications, even recent ones, did not use a ‘icon for their web apps on iOS for structural issues.

But the introduction of the push notifications for web apps, already present for macOS, should push a stronger adoption even on iOS of the Progressive Web App. The settings to do this are currently not active in the first beta, but Apple introduced them in Safari settings on iOS.

ios 15 features coming 2022

Additionally, iOS 15.4 introduced the WebXR API, which allow to support the use of augmented or virtual reality viewers on sites. This API will be disabled by default, also because at the moment there are no headsets available that work on iOS.

This novelty therefore seems to suggest that Apple is preparing the ground for the launch of the own viewer WITH (here everything we know about it). Which should arrive this year or at the latest in 2023, according to many commentators and leakers.

iOS 15.4 should arrive with the spring in the coming months in public version, although developers can already download the beta. We will keep you updated when further news comes out.

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