iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: officially revealed

During the Apple WWDC 2021, the next operating systems with which the iPhones and iPads will be updated were shown to the public. Let’s talk about iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Starting from the new iOS 15 we can say that it will integrate a series of news that will concern FaceTime and how to interact with your contacts. The conversations of FaceTime will undergo improvements thanks to Spatial Audio which will offer an excellent sound quality to the point of giving the impression of having your interlocutor in the flesh. It is worth mentioning the addition of the FaceTime Links, through which it will be possible to generate a link to share with whoever you want so that you can start calls / video calls in a flash.

iOS 15: other features

The function of SharePlay through which it will be possible to share your screen with others for watching a movie or even just to show a photo or play your own music. Then a called mode will come Focus, which acts as a “selector” of different profiles. More precisely, following the chosen profile it will be possible to decide which notifications to receive according to your needs at the moment. Among the profiles there will be “do not disturb”, “Personal”, “work” e “sleep”. In addition, the Home screen will change radically depending on the profile set, showing only the apps and widgets deemed important by the artificial intelligence of theiOS 15. On the notifications side, the “Notification Summary”, that is a concentration of all the notifications received (with the icons of the related applications) within a single large notification.

Another notable software addition is the Live Text, a function that through the camera will allow you to extract the selected text and then copy and paste it wherever you want. This convenient operation can also be used for photographs that have already been taken. The arrival of the new iOS 15 is scheduled for next fall and will be available for the following terminals:

  • iPhone 12;
  • iPhone 12 mini;
  • iPhone 12 Pro;
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8 Plus;
  • iPhone 7;
  • iPhone 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 6s;
  • iPhone 6s Plus;
  • iPhone SE 1a gen;
  • iPhone SE 2a gen;
  • iPhone touch 7a gen

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: officially revealed

iPadOS 15: main features

With regard to the new operating system for the tablets of the Cupertino company, let’s start immediately by saying that the innovations mentioned in the previous paragraph will also be present here as the mode Focus, Live Text, FaceTime enhancements etc.. As iPad-specific innovations, however, we find the possibility of place Widgets on the Home screen wherever you want and the new one App Library thanks to which you can organize and categorize all applications installed in memory according to user preferences. Other software tweaks affect the web browser SAFARI, which will better hide the interface in favor of a more comfortable use of the contents. Also retouched the management of multitaskingIn fact, with the new operating system, a small menu will be present above each application to allow the user to organize different window options.

It should also be emphasized how it was simplified the annotation process. In fact, a swipe from the bottom edge of the screen with the stylus will be enough to quickly take a note from anywhere in the operating system. Finally, in the new OS they will find their place Swift Playgrounds, which is Apple’s official app for learning programming (previously confined only to the Mac world) and the Auto Translate, that is the possibility for the system to recognize the language spoken by your interlocutor to translate it simultaneously.
iPadOS 15 will be officially released in autumn and will be compatible with:

  • iPad Mini from 4 onwards;
  • iPad from the 5th generation onwards;
  • Air from 2 onwards;
  • All iPad Pros

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