iOS 15: Siri will be severely limited for third-party apps

iOS 15: Siri sarà fortemente limitata per le app di terze parti thumbnail

With the arrival of iOS 15, Apple will reduce the integration between Siri and third-party apps, drastically reducing the type and number of commands users will be able to issue to the virtual assistant. The choice is in line with the company’s policies, but let’s see in detail what it entails.

iOS 15: Siri will be limited on third-party apps

On a page dedicated to developer support, Apple states that a number of SiriKit commands will no longer be supported as of the release of the new version of the iOS operating system. Apple lists a total of 22 commands that can no longer be executed. Among these stands out the impossibility to book a ride through Uber, for instance.

Apple is also reducing Siri‌’s ability to integrate with apps used such as block notes. With the new changes, users using popular applications such as Things 3 o Todoist, they will no longer be able to create a new to-do list, delete a task, or edit a note simply by asking ‌ the voice assistant. Instead, the possibility of creating new activities will remain.

Eventually the company will also reduce several functions of CarPlay, removing the ability to use “Siri” to set up an audio source in a car, adjust climate, seat or defroster settings.

It is unclear why Apple has decided to suddenly limit Siri‌’s integration with third-party apps, especially in this period when the company is at the center of a dispute over its alleged anti-competitive conduct. Several developers, companies, and governments are investigating Apple about these competition-stifling actions while promoting its proprietary products.

Further limitations in this regard could play against Apple in the near future.