Nokia XR20: the new unbreakable smartphone

Here is the new Nokia XR20, the ultra-resistant smartphone shot by Roberto Carlos. Let’s see together the characteristics and peculiarities

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announces three phones and a new one portfolio audio. Created for survive all that life has in store for you, Nokia XR20 he’s able to endure much more than you ask and it is in preorder su Amazon a € 499.99. Nokia C30 – not currently marketed in Italy – is the device “Hero” of the series C, with screen e battery never seen so far on a Nokia smartphone. Nokia 6310 is a new member of the Originals family, a classic 90’s revisited. Today is also the day of most important launch of Nokia accessories of all time, with the new lifestyle audio products grouped in four distinct lines: Go, Micro, Comfort e Clarity.

Nokia XR20: the words of the company

“We want to meet the needs of consumers in terms of solidity and durability. Our study of global trends revealed that 73% of consumers want to keep their phone longer and would if the devices were constantly updated over time. At HMD, we are offering the ability to avoid premature device replacement by encouraging more sustainable consumption thanks to our durability promises. We are pleased to announce Nokia XR20 – an extremely durable phone with the elegance of our Nordic design, designed for consumers and businesses. Today we are extending the revamped X and C series with two striking examples of what these ranges stand for. Our goal is to provide people with products they will love, trust and want to keep for longer ”.

– he claims Florian Cuttlefish, CEO, HMD Global.

Extreme temperatures, falls from 1.8 meters, 1 hour underwater e even more, the new Nokia XR20 is thought per conditions a lot more extreme than those of everyday life. This phone very resistant hides behind a elegant design e timeless. So while you will probably never try to take your phone beyond the limit of its capabilities, you can rest assured that the Nokia XR20 is in able to endure more than you will ask.

With screen in Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, among the most solid glasses in circulation, this smartphone guarantees maximum peace of mind. Per test its robustness, the legend of Brazilian football Roberto Carlos and the world champion of freestyle Lisa Zimouche they have subjected the new Nokia XR20 to one serie from prove very hard. From the dive in water frozen to being kicked, upside down it’s done spin on a football field in concrete e gravel.

Carlos also has recreated his amazing three finger shooting that everyone remembers in the match Brazil-France of the 1997 – three Nokia XR20s were positioned, in fact, on a goal post as targets that the former Brazilian champion has hit the spot on a free kick.

“Over the past twenty years I have been asked many times to recreate my 97 free kick, but never like this, so I had to accept the challenge. Surely a smartphone could not withstand the violence of a ball. I didn’t think the Nokia XR20 could withstand the power of my kick. I’m definitely not a pro anymore, but I know I still have a good “stick”, so I was really impressed. “

– declares Roberto Carlos, World Champion with the Brazil e legend of the Real Madrid.

Nokia XR20: the new unbreakable smartphone

A future proof it means novelty continues, not just on the day you open your smartphone package. For this reason, in addition to the promises of solidity of the X series, Nokia XR20 comes with four years of monthly security updates e three years from update of the operating system, Besides 36 months warranty. If the irreparable should happen, the free replacement screen within one year of purchase, makes you sleep soundly.

Nokia XR20 has a reliable dual camera gives 48MP+13MP with optics ZEISS, audio space OZO e solutions from imaging innovative. The brand new SpeedWarp mode allows you to capture all yours adventures in a compact mounting ed exciting. Pushing the boundaries of the mid-range, it is also equipped with 5G speed, ricarica wireless 15W and solidity like never before.

Nokia C30: more space for your great ideas

Introducing two novelties in the Nokia smartphone portfolio, the new Nokia C30 it’s a “hero” from the C series equipped with the battery and of screen largest ever seen su un device Nokia.

The growing demand from screens more wide suggests that the current percentage (82%) of consumers looking for smartphones with size between 6″ e i 7 ″ will increase up to 96% by 2025. The huge display HD+ da 6,82″ of the Nokia C30 was studied per meet this trend.

Nokia XR20: the new unbreakable smartphone

Spend works hard and has busy days needs one battery that can keep up. On the Nokia C30 it was even brought up to 6000mAh, offering sufficient energy to last up to three days with a single charge. All completed by a quality feel that only a design Really resistant can provide. Nokia C30 is wrapped in a sturdy shell in polycarbonate which can be trusted, which makes it a device that will last over time.

Back to the 90s: Nokia 6310

The new born of the Originals family celebra l’iconic Nokia 6310 with a new interpretation. With advanced accessibility, optimized ergonomics it’s a duration of weeks from the battery, Nokia 6310 is a classic rethought for thelogged in user today, bringing all that as a dowry distinguishes and phones Nokia, also Snake.

Nokia XR20: the new unbreakable smartphone

Designed to insure the highest level of accessibility, the new ones buttons more large e the large display make the time on screen more easy e pleasant. Larger menus and larger optional characters improve readability, while i text message they can be listen to you per simplify experience of use.

New Nokia lifestyle audio accessories

By introducing a renewed audio portfolio Nokia, the new accessories offer a reliable sound in movement. Streamlined in four new lines distinct, each gamma brings the maximum value with exclusive proposals.

  • Go: products of the highest value that offer the highest quality at the lowest possible prices
  • Micro: designed for those looking for a compact form factor
  • Comfort: designed for those who want maximum comfort
  • Clarity: top of the range earbuds that integrate the latest technologies

Coming “arm in arm” with the Nokia XR20, the new Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro offer a high performance sound with a build quality it’s a time from the battery at the height. The powerful combination dual-microphone ambient noise cancellation (ENC), Qualcomm cVc and active noise cancellation (ANC) captures and eliminates annoying background sounds for one superb clarity from the calls and of music.

“Just like our smartphones, the excellence of Nokia accessories is the result of industry-leading quality testing. Valuable insights from our community, combined with insights gleaned from regions globally, have enabled us to evolve our ecosystem of companion products into a highly respected portfolio. It is supported by a network of strong partnerships like the one with Binatone that allow us to provide the best to our growing fanbase. Inspired by nature and packaged in soy-based ink and paper for minimal environmental impact, each new line offers premium lifestyle experiences at affordable prices ”.

– he claims Alex Lambeek, Global Head of Accessories, HMD Global.

Trusted partnership for “best-in-class” experiences

Today is the start of two new partnerships with leading players in the sector. Spotify will give to those who choose a Nokia smartphone access a 70 million songs e 2.6 million podcasts, while ExpressVPN Sara available on all new Nokia smartphones with a 30 day free trial, offering a greater security against malware.

“We have always been proud to work with the best in the industry. Today we’re adding two more names to this extended family of brands that ensure the most innovative experiences for Nokia phone owners. Each partnership further improves what we stand for and we collaborate with those we trust, so that you can trust them too ”.

— dice Stephen Taylor, CMO, HMD Global.

Prices and availability

Nokia XR20 is available in preorder on Amazon in the 4/64GB in colors Granite Gray e Ultra Blue at the price of 499,99€. From 11 August also on

Pricing and availability for other products will be announced in the coming weeks.

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