iOS 15: The installation rate is slow, according to analysts

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For a few days now update to the new iOS 15 operating system is available, for all Apple devices capable of supporting it: however, users do not seem to be enthusiastic about this novelty, given that according to the findings of Mixapanel, the installation rate of the new update proceeds rather slowly, especially when compared to last year’s measurements with iOS 14.

iOS 15: The installation rate is slow

The data obtained by Mixapanel refers to visits to partner websites and apps, which collect anonymous elements of the devices, including the installed system version. According to these data, iOS 15 it should have reached just over 10% of global adoption these days, in reference to all the upgradeable iPhones, that is, from the 6S model onwards. For the record, it is useful to point out that iOS 14 had reached almost 18% in the same period.

The reason for this lower OS adoption is soon said: even those who remain with iOS 14 will be able to benefit from the new security updates, without necessarily having to upgrade to the latest software. That said, it is currently unclear whether these updates will be automatic, installed in the background, or if they will happen with the usual alerts in settings.

Of course these data are to be taken with a pinch of caution, since they are not the official ones from Apple, but rather obtained from an external company. The Cupertino giant in fact, as a rule, publishes the adoption rates of iOS only a few months after the official launch, although they are often not far from the indications of independent analysts.

In short, it seems that the new operating system is not yet particularly popular among users, but to get a more precise idea we will have to wait for the official data from Apple.