The iPad Pro camera and logo change orientation

La fotocamera e il logo di iPad Pro cambiano orientamento thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, Apple wants to change the design of the next iPad Pro: The camera and the logo on the back will be oriented in horizontal, preferring the landscape mode. A change of orientation in sight for the next Apple tablet.

Apple changes the design of the iPad Pro, camera and logo horizontally

Cupertino engineers have always ensured that iPads can hold themselves at any angle, based on uses. The graphical interface changes orientation, adapting to the position you prefer and the apps you are using. But iPads aren’t symmetrical squares: they have an orientation that we can understand from the position of the camera and the Apple logo. Until now it has always remained vertical, in portrait mode. But the next iPad Pro could change history.

The leaker Dylandkt, who in the last have found several features of the iPhone 13 Pro before the release, talked about the change of perspective on Twitter.

A change due to the evolution of our relationship with the Apple tablet. Among all, the use of FaceTime, which by default expects you to use the device in landscape mode. By changing the orientation of the camera, it will be easier to make video calls as if you were on a PC. In addition, the new M1 processor (and in the future M1X) allows you to use your own iPad Pro how you would use a Mac (despite the limitations of iPadOS compared to macOS).

This change of orientation therefore seems to underline the “promotion” of iPad, in particular of iPad Pro. If before it was the large version of a smartphone, now it is the reduced version only in size of a computer. Indeed, it has been for a while. Apple just took a little longer to rotate.

We point out that so far this is only a rumor, it is not certain that we will see this change of direction. And that Apple will continue to facilitate the use of its tablet in all possible directions. More than a change in practice, it is a change of philosophy and design. We will keep you informed if any confirmations, denials or other information about the iPad Pro arrive.