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iOS 16.2 arrives in mid-December

Apple is working on the new iOS 16.2 which will bring new features as well as a series of optimizations on iPhones. According to Mark Gurman at Bloombergthe update will be released in the next month’s December. There is also an update for iPadOS on the launch pad. Even the operating system of the iPad, in fact, will be able to count on version 16.2 by the end of the year. Here are the details:

iOS 16.2 will be released in mid-December

Is iOS 16.2 that iPadOS 16.2 will arrive in the course of mid-December. These two updates will serve to optimize operating systems, removing bugs and improving overall performance. Note, however, that Apple will also bring new features. The transition to version 16.2 is fundamental for the future of iOS and also of iPadOS.

The next few months, in fact, will be full of news for Apple’s operating systems. According to information revealed by Mark Gurman, with the new Power On newsletter, in fact, Apple has already planned the release of a version 16.3 for next February or, at most, for the following month of March. In the coming months, the two OSes will continue to update with optimizations and the integration of new functions.

In about a month and a half, then, iPhones will start recording the arrival of iOS 16.2, filling some gaps and laying the foundations for the future.

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