L'insider del settore videoludico Nibel si ritira: anche a causa di Elon Musk e Twitter thumbnail

The videogame insider Nibel also retires due to Elon Musk

Nibel is a popular video game industry insider as well on a daily basis it covered various news related to the gaming industry. In these hours, however, Nibel announced his retirement. At the base of this choice there are two factors: it poor support received on Patreon and the Twitter pass, its reference platform for the dissemination of news, under the management of Elon Musk.

Insider Nibel retires and will no longer cover the gaming industry

Nibel, to support his activity as an insider, had launched his own account Patreon with the aim of obtaining the necessary funds for its business. As revealed by the same insider, the support obtained was reduced. The insider business, apparently, requires a lot of work and would need more financial support. For Nibel, going forward under these conditions would not be possible.

Then there is the question of Twitter, the reference platform for Nibel’s insider activity. The passage of the social network to the management of Elon Muskin fact, it is another element that prompted Nibel to abandon his job. The insider, in fact, stated that he does not trust Musk. According to her point of view, the social network will register a “slow death” over the next few years.

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