iOS 16 could expand the iCloud Private Relay service

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As part of its new service iCloud + subscription unveiled at WWDC 2021, Apple he threw iCloud Private Relay. This feature is designed to give users a additional level of privacy e safetyby sending requests through two separate internet relays to mask user information. Some sources reveal that Apple could expand that function. Let’s find out all the details together.

iCloud Private Relay: Apple plans to expand the service

The function iCloud Private Relay is currently available for iCloud + subscribers in beta. A recent report, however, suggests that the may change with iOS 16 this year.

A new report from Digiday released this week cites “multiple sources”. Some of them claim that Apple is designing new features for iOS 16 with the purpose of repress further the tracking of user data. One of the industry sources cited in the article is Charles ManningCEO of mobile analytics measurement company, Kochava.

Manning explained that, according to him, Apple plans to pay more attention to privacy and wants to do so by expanding Private Relay. The CEO explained:

The logistical implications of policy enforcement, combined with Apple’s legacy of creating technical guardrails, indicate that they will rely on Private Relay as a technical (or partial) enforcement mechanism.

I believe Apple will announce that customers love Private Relay and that it has been a success, making it an always-on feature for in-app behavior.

At present, iCloud Private Relay works mainly for iCloud + subscribers for traffic Safari. It doesn’t work for most of the in-app traffic outside of Safari and some mail functions. If the sources cited in this report are correct, however, Apple could expand Private Relay as one function always active for in-app traffic.

Unfortunately the details at our disposal are still unclear. In any case it is not surprising that industry sources say that Apple is planning further changes for preserve privacy. Some sources even suggest that Apple might eliminate app fingerprinting altogether with iOS 16. Details on the implementation of this change, however, are not yet clear.

So we just have to wait for more details e confirmations by theCupertino company.

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