iOS 16 is coming (but the beta will be delayed)

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Apple is about to unveil the new version of its operating system at the WWDC 2022which will start on June 6. But it seems that prhyme beta of iOS 16 may be late this year, arriving only in July. The news, however, are many and interesting.

iOS 16 is on its way, but the beta will be a little late

It has now become an indispensable custom: Apple will present iOS 16 to developers around the world at the World Wide Developers Conference. But according to the analyst Mark Gurman Bloomberg, we would have to wait a little longer than usual to see the first public beta, which will only debut in July.

Apple is expected to release one though third developer version of the beta in conjunction with the announcements, so those who create iPhone apps will have plenty of time to update them with the new features of the operating system. Even if the more curious users will have to be patient for the public beta.

iOS 16 leak

Gurman explains that the reason for the delay for the public beta lies in some bugs still to be overcome. But the last is not said: if the situation were to improve Apple could still launch the public beta by June.

The new version of the operating system is expected to bring a new one management of notifications as well as new possibilities for the multitasking in iPadOS. But it will not be for everyone: it seems that some smartphones will not receive the new version of the OS. They should in fact give up iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s e il primo iPhone SE. Though perhaps there may be lack of support for iPhone 7 (but not 7 Plus, which has more RAM).

However, all of these are just indiscretions. To know for sure we will have to wait for WWDC 2022. And to try iOS 16 in beta, an extra month or so.