iOS 16, the three-finger gesture bug impacts games and apps

iOS 16, il bug delle gesture con tre dita impatta giochi e app thumbnail

Some developers are warning players not to upgrade to iOS 16 because of the “three finger bug “. In fact the two gestures that can be activated with three fingers, the tap to activate the copy / paste menu and the swipe to cancel, are activated too easily. And this risks ruining your gameplay.

The iOS 16 three-finger gesture bug and the impact on games and apps

Many apps only use one or two apps at the same time to function. This means they will work without problems. But some games such as rhythm-based games, musical instrument apps and others that require the use of multiple fingers, risk not working when you need toAnd. In fact, gestures also work in these contexts, where they shouldn’t work.

A similar problem was already born with iOS 13, when the three-finger menu first arrived on the iPhone. But soon Apple solved the problem, preventing that gesture when using full-screen apps or when there were no text fields. But this problem seems to be back with iOS 16.

Il bug compare even in system apps, although it does not create big problems. In fact, by opening the camera and tapping with three fingers to make a pitch-to-zoom to see the subject of the photograph closely, you can activate the copy and paste menu. The same in Safari and other Apple apps.

So the difference is not the bug itself but the app itself: depending on how important it is to use more than two fingers, you could run into the problem. For this reason more than one app and game developer would prefer users not rush to update. Although the news (lock screen on all) are tempting.

Apple has not currently recognized the problem, but it will certainly have noticed the reports. So we expect you to adopt a solution soon: after all in iOS 15 the problem was not there, so they already have the winning strategy. We will keep you posted.