Le app iOS nel 2021 hanno generato in Italia 85.000 posti di lavoro thumbnail

IOS apps generated 85,000 jobs in Italy in 2021

When we refer to how iOS apps are doing, we immediately think about the ranking of the most downloaded applications by Apple users.

But surprisingly the iOS app industry can also prove to be a great “employer”. At least, this was the case in our country as regards 2021.

To say it are two independent researches that have been disclosed by the Cupertino company. The first was conducted by Analysis Group and is entitled “Spotlight on small business developers and app creators on the App Store”. That is, “Spotlight on small business developers and app creators on the App Store”.

The other, from the Progressive Policy Institute, is “Europe App Economy Update, 2021” (Update on the economic performance of apps in Europe in 2021).

What do the two researches say?


The growth of the iOS app industry: the two searches

Apple celebrates its 40 years of activity in Italy and does it in the best way.

In fact, the data of the two cited researches say that the iOS app market in our country generated over 85,000 jobs in 2021. And Italy is a faithful mirror of a flourishing reality throughout Europe. The sector is growing strongly throughout the continent: 2.2 million people were employed, with a + 7% compared to 2020.

Research conducted by a group of independent economists from Analysis Group has shown that developer earnings have increased consistently over the past two years. Especially the smallest developers active on the App Store in 2019 increased by 113%, even earning double the revenue of the big development companies.

Instead, the Progressive Policy Institute’s analysis focused on job creation in the iOS app industry. The research investigated how the iOS app industry has helped create millions of opportunities across industries such as design, software development and sales.

Let’s find out some data in more detail.

2021 is the boom of iOS apps

In 2021, thousands of small businesses (and development teams) landed on the App Store globally. Of them, 24% are based in Europe, 23% in China, 14% in the United States, 4.3% in Japan and 34% in countries such as Korea, India and Brazil.

The growth of small developers is evident: from 2019 to 2021, + 40% in the United Kingdom and + 25% in Germany.

Revenue boom in 2021 again for small developers, with peaks of + 122% in France and + 118% in the United States. Also last year, around 40% of all small developer app downloads were made by users outside their home country.

Le app iOS in Italia: L’App Store Foundations Program

The App Store Foundations Program was launched in 2018 to offer support to app developers.

The program helps you grow your business, extend the reach of your apps, make the most of Apple’s innovative technology. And create content in line with users’ tastes.

The App Store Foundations Program has offered support to over 50 Italian developers and developers, with an increase of almost 50%.

Daniel Matray, Apple’s Director of App store for Continental Europe, said in a statement. “Some of the most interesting developers in the world are Italian and we are really happy that the sector is continuing to grow and create a record number of jobs.

Millions of people use apps created by talented Italian developers and developers to live, work and play. Apple is proud to contribute to their success and we look forward to helping them reach new heights. “

Italian companies and iOS apps: two examples of success

The CEOs of two Italian companies that have grown strongly thanks to their presence on the App Store took the floor.

One of these is Buddyfit, a “digital gym” that allows you to train from home.

The company’s CEO, Stefano Manzoni, said: “Our journey together with Apple has made us reach important milestones. In the last two years the Buddyfit team has grown from 3 to 43 employees who work in the offices of Milan, Genoa and Barcelona.

Last year we were in first place on the App Store for downloads and entry in Italy. We offer more than 1000 live sessions per month in three languages, and our users have followed more than 1.5 million workouts in 2021.

We currently have a community of 620,000 people and we are ready for our next successes ”.

Another example is given by Amerigo File Manager, app of IdeaSolutions Srl, one of the most important companies in Italy in the development and publication of apps with over 40 employees.

Ivan Dama, CEO of IdeaSolutions Srl, stated that “even if we are a small company dimensions, thanks to the App Store we have been able to create and market products for millions of users around the world.

The success we have achieved has allowed us to continue to innovate and hire some of the most capable developers in Italy, as well as collaborating with some of the largest companies in the country ”.

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