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The present and the future of the smart home according to Samsung

The Samsung Smart Homethe one you can visit and touch firsthand in Milan, in via Mike Buongiorno, is getting a makeover, ready to reopen its doors on the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2022. In the meantime, however, the Korean giant has decided to tell theThe present and the future of the connected home in the last What’s Next, the path of meetings launched by Samsung Electronics Italia in 2021 with the aim of combining visions, experiences and innovations with the help of experts and exceptional guests.

The present and the future of the smart home

The fourth appointment with What’s Next allowed Andrea Tozzi to present the data of “CasaDoxa 2022, Observatory on Italians and the home”a research developed by Doxa that highlights the relationship of Italians with the domestic space and the increasingly central role of technology.
Good news on the horizon? Absolutely yes. In recent years, the Bel Paese has learned to know and rely on technology, well aware that it can simplify everyday life. This is why today Italians are increasingly looking for information on smart homes, with 67% of respondents saying they have a good knowledge of the subject, a figure up 14% compared to 2019.

But what drives us towards the adoption of technological solutions? The main reasons are 3:

  • energy saving and sustainability;
  • the simplification of life;
  • the security.
  • For all these reasons 62% of the sample is ready to choose a connected home should they change their home.

    With what objects? Here are the most desired ones:

  • luci (54%)
  • air conditioner (52%)
  • washing machine (49%)
  • curtains or shutters (47%)
  • cleaning robot (44%)
  • oven (43%)
  • refrigerator (42%)
  • dishwasher (42%)
  • hob and dryer (34%)
  • But this is the photograph of the present, a photograph from which an important propensity towards the connected home emerges, a home that must remain flexible, composed of versatile environments and a sustainable approach.
    One therefore wonders what the future will be like.
    In reality, what will happen in the next few years is already under our eyes. As explained by Gian Paolo LazzerPartner and Content director, Strategy Innovation of the Cà Foscari University of Venice, the rooms are evolving, they adapt to new lifestyles, with products already on the market that are relocated or re-evaluated to follow current trends. And then new technological devices that follow social changes enter our homes. For example, today, in the post-pandemic era, we have many more plants to take care of and pets have become part of the family, hence the need for products that can help us in this regard.

    In the near future then communication between the various household appliances will be facilitated thanks to the recent introduction of the Matter protocol, the new standard for Smart Home devices that aims to unite the most disparate ecosystems to make them communicate and work together. Samsung has always supported this protocol, demonstrating once again that open, scalable and simple systems are the winning recipe for making the home a true Smart Home.

    Eventually it will also change the way to build houses. Indeed, to tell the truth it is already changing now. In fact, if before the builders focused on design and eco-sustainability, now we aim to add a third element, which is that of the connected homewith the aim of delivering already smart homes to buyers, with ready-to-use smart technologies, systems and appliances.

    Are you curious to see all this at work? You can touch all the potential of the Samsung Smart Home starting from 7 June.

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