iPhone 13: According to the survey, 44% of users want to upgrade

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According to the survey carried out by SellCell, as many as 44% of iPhone users, who therefore already own an iOS smartphone, would be interested in switching to iPhone 13. The new iPhone would bring the screen with refresh rate pari a 120 Hz.

The display update speed seems to be the most desired and awaited new feature, but not the only one. The second most coveted feature according to the survey is a fingerprint reader located under the display. Recall that the option is already available on many Android devices, even much cheaper, as long as an OLED display is mounted.

This is an understandable desire, given that Apple’s Face-ID alone can be uncomfortable due to the mask, failing in face recognition. The other innovations that are expected on the next iPhone are also Wi-Fi 6, wireles-charging inverso, faster processor and new colors smartphone.

The SellCell survey on the iPhone 13 upgrade

Of the 44% who said they were interested in upgrading to iPhone 13, 38.2% would switch to standard 6.1-inch model, 30.8% would buy the6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max and 24% the6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro. Only 7% of individuals in this group defined themselves interested iniPhone 13 Mini, the compact from Apple that may not see the light due to poor sales of the iPhone 12 Mini.

SellCell also questioned people about the new generation of AirPods and of Apple Watch, but the interest in the new models is decidedly lower than that for the new iPhone 13. The sample interviewed is composed of 3000 iPhone owners aged 18 and over, residing in the United States of America, and the survey took place from July 28 to August 6.

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