Facebook blocks disinformation campaign on COVID vaccines

Facebook blocca una campagna di disinformazione sui vaccini anti COVID thumbnail

Facebook continues to fight disinformation about COVID vaccines. The social network, in fact, has removed hundreds of accounts that, according to internal investigations, are involved in a disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting vaccines. The campaign involved various “influencers” with the aim of spreading false information about the pandemic and reducing user confidence in COVID vaccines.

Facebook counteracts disinformation on COVID vaccines

In a recente report widespread in these hours, Facebook confirms that it has blocked a disinformation campaign back to discredit COVID vaccines. That campaign would have been initiated by a marketing agency called Fazze. This agency is part of the company AdNow based in Russia.

According to reports from the BBC, AdNow did not comment on the news and currently the Fazze agency would have been closed. In any case, Facebook has banned the company from the social network. Furthermore, at the moment, dozens of accounts involved in the campaign have been identified and banned.

The social network, often at the center of controversy to be used as a means of disseminating fake news of various kinds, is stepping up controls to block disinformation campaigns.

Influencers paid to discredit vaccines

The disinformation campaign involved a number of influencers who would be paid to discredit COVID vaccines. In particular, the Pfizer vaccine was targeted. The same agency had also launched a similar campaign against AstraZeneca’s vaccine. The disinformation campaign also took advantage of Instagram.

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