iPhone 13: here is how many hours of work it takes to be able to buy it

iPhone 13: ecco quante ore di lavoro servono per poterlo acquistare thumbnail

A few days after the official presentation, the new ones iPhone 13, as easily predictable, I am already a commercial success. Apple’s new range of smartphones is seeing record sales (according to many analysts). Meanwhile, in some countries, buying a new iPhone 13, according to research, requires a truly impressive number of hours of work. The confirmation comes from the Money SuperMarket investigation.

How many hours of work does it take to buy a new iPhone 13?

Considering an 8-hour working day and the minimum wage, Money SuperMarket verified how much work has to be done to buy a new iPhone 13 128 GB. The smartphone requires the most hours of work in Philippines (with 775 hours). As for theItaly, instead, they serve 124 hours of work, on average, to buy a new iPhone 13 if you earn the minimum wage. They fare much better in Swiss where they are enough 34 hours of work to take home a new iPhone.

Recall that in Italy a new iPhone 13 128 GB costs 939 euros.

Brazil is the country where Apple’s smartphone costs the most

The research took into consideration, of course, the list price of the new iPhone 13 charged by Apple for each individual country. The survey shows that Brazil is the country where the smartphone costs the most. At the current exchange rate it takes more than 1,230 euros to buy a new iPhone 13 (equal to 690 hours of work).

For more details on the survey you can take a look at Money Supermarket website.