iPhone 13 holds its price, thanks to the chip crisis

iPhone 13 mantiene il suo prezzo, grazie alla crisi dei chip thumbnail

The worldwide shortage dand the chips are still creating a lot of problems for smartphone makers, but according to a new analysis, it has helped iPhone 13 to maintain its price. In fact, the new Apple device is depreciating more slowly than previous models, also thanks to reduced stocks. But this new trend does not bring economic benefits for Apple, quite the contrary.

iPhone 13 retains its price due to the chip crisis

According to reports SellCell, two months after its launch iPhone 13 have lost 25.5% of their value on all variants of the four models. While this may seem like a high value, it is not when compared to the depreciation of the 50% on iPhone 12.

SellCell explains that the main reason for this variation compared to the standard is to be found above all in the scarcity of components. Which continue to keep a high cost, while also keeping the total price of the device high. At the moment, the demand for the iPhone 13 does not seem to decline, with CEO Tim Cook assuring that the company is working tirelessly to make sure everyone can get their smartphone in the shortest possible time.

However, don’t think that the high price of the devices and the strong sales are driving Apple’s profits. Indeed, according to reports from the same company, the lack of chips costs the company 6 billions of profits missed.

SellCell further explains that if the chip shortage continues next year, this new trend in depreciation it could also continue for the launch of the iPhone 14 next year. By making devices more expensive for end users, without bringing more revenue for Apple. However, analysts hope that “the chip crisis and the global pandemic crisis are unique circumstances that (hopefully) will not repeat themselves in the future.”

We just have to hope with them. In the meantime, you can read the entire SellCell report at this address.