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iPhone 13: The phone case reveals some features

According to the latest information that emerged on the web, the iPhone 13 case would have been tested on previous models to discover the various design differences. What evidenced by the tests would confirm that the new Apple iPhone would arrive with several changes starting from the construction up to the camera. Let’s take a look at what we know.

The iPhone 13 case reveals some features of the new device

The first thing you notice about the case is that on the back the camera bump is much larger than on both the iPhone 12 Pro and the standard and mini models. The cover also confirms that iPhones 13 should be thicker (by 0.2 mm) compared to previous models, most likely due to the 120 Hz screen as well as several changes in the position of the buttons.

According to the reconstruction of the experts, on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, the diagonal of the rear camera bump should measure 4.49cm, unlike the 3.98 cm of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, however, the dimensions should be 3.9 cm, whereas in the current models we have 3.71 cm.

This feature is most likely a consequence of using an improved Ultra Wide camera, complete with autofocus functionality. To make matters worse, on all models there should be a six-element lens, or one more than the 12 series. Sensor Shift technology for lens stabilization should also not be missing.

Finally, as regards the notch, this should measure 9 millimeters with the cutout on the four iPhone 13 is 2.57 cm wide at the largest point, while on the iPhone 12 it reaches 3.45 cm.

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