iPhone 13 with Pink Screen: What Happens?

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In October, through a discussion forum Apple, one user had claimed that it screen of his iPhone 13 it had suddenly become rosa and had started crash. At that time Apple had replaced the faulty smartphone but now it appears that the problem is recurring.

iPhone 13 with pink screen: for Apple it is a software bug

Some customers have been able to get a new iPhone 13, others however have not had the same luck, as Apple has claimed that this is just a software bug. Reading the reports, however, it is not possible to find an explanation as to why this happens. However it appears that the problem is a defect typical of the iPhone 13 line and that’s it.

One user wrote in December:

I had the same problem when I took a photo and the screen froze turning pink and then restarted. I called Apple Support, they ran the diagnostics and said there was nothing wrong with it. So I’ll keep it until it happens again or happens constantly. If it does, I will return it, as I just received it the day before yesterday.

Other users on the Reddit forum also reported the same problem with their iPhone 13. One of them stated:

It happened to me in the car too, just the other day. The GPS started not working until I turned it off. On the way, however, the screen was pink. After restarting it, the problem never occurred again.

Another wrote:

My phone’s battery was behaving strangely and kept freezing, so I turned it off and on mine too, the screen suddenly went pink.

With all these reports, the My Drivers blog found that Apple made one declaration sul social network Weibo this weekend. This is because most of the cases are apparently from China. The company said:

We did not notice any major problems in the hardware of the devices because of this situation [schermo rosa] it shows up when the system is frozen.

According to the publication, Apple recommends users to back up their data and install the latest update available to rule out incompatibility between an app version and iOS version. Now we just have to wait and hope that this problem will no longer arise.

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