iPhone 14 does not want the SIM card

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According to the latest rumors, Apple might launch a version of iPhone 14 in September 2022 it doesn’t need a physical SIM, but use only the eSIM. However, devices without card slots would only arrive in certain geographic areas.

iPhone 14 may only have eSIM

Earlier last week, the Brazilian site Blog do iPhone reported that iPhoborn 15 Pro it wouldn’t have a SIM card slot. But yesterday an anonymous source warned MacRumors that the news could come even sooner. No physical nano-SIM already starting with September 2022. When Apple should launch the iPhone 14 line.

The ability to activate an eSIM already exists for iPhones, as well as Apple Watches. A e.g is a digital telephone card, which allows you to activate a connection plan without any physical support. Something that is rapidly gaining ground in our country. And not only in Italy: in the world they are over 100 operators which support digital SIM cards.

IPhone 13 models already support more than one eSIM profile, allowing you to subscribe to different tariff plans and switch between them. Something particularly convenient for those who travel often for work, but not only. Removing the nano-SIM slot directly could further accelerate the adoption of this new standard.

In addition to the convenience of switching between floors, this choice would bring Apple closer to Jony Ive’s vision of an iPhone as “A single pane of glass”. In addition to the design, it would also be easier to ensure water resistance and also free up (little) space inside the device.

The only real limitation is the availability of eSIM around the world. It therefore remains to be seen if this novelty will really arrive next year and if it will do so all over the world or, more likely, only in some regions. We will keep you informed.

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