Marvel’s Spider-Man: Fans would like Andrew Garfield’s costume

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With the theatrical debut of Spider-Man No Way Home, Sony’s exclusive video game Marvel’s Spider-Man has seen the addition of numerous cosmetic elements inspired by the costumes of the film: now fans would like to see added to the game the costume of The Amazing Spider-Man, worn by Andrew Garfield during both films of his saga, in fact the only uniform missing in the cinematic Spider-Man game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Fans would like Andrew Garfield’s costume

Missing in the game of Insomniac Games it is precisely the Andrew Garfield costume worn on the occasion of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which fans are clamoring for even after the arrival in the halls of No Way Home, which has brought the spotlight back to this version of the wall climber , of which some have even asked for the production of a third film.

Although fans were pampered with the addition of all of Holland’s Spider-Man suits and even one of Tobey Maguire’s suits from the Sam Raimi trilogy, the absence of the suit of the sequel Garfield is deeply felt by the community.

In this regard Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered recently added Spider-Man: No Way Home costumes, explaining that it was not possible to add them to the PS4 version due to the saturation of the update size. It would therefore not be impossible to also add Garfield’s costume in the future, although the official decision rests with Sony and the developers.

The costume in question could even be included in the sequel to the game, currently slated for 2023. Of course, there are no official confirmations or denials in this regard, but it is to be excluded that the voices of the community have not at least partially reached Sony’s upper floors. Hope, therefore, is certainly concrete.

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