iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may have USB-C

iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max potrebbero avere l'USB-C thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, the next ones iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max they could have the USB-C input. It seems that Apple has decided to adapt to the standard of the rest of the smartphone world to allow faster exporting of videos shot in ProRes with the new iPhone cameras.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may have USB-C

iDrop News reports several sources, all agreeing that Apple is finally giving in and bringing the USB-C input to iPhones. Not for the pressures received by the European Union, who would like a single standard for charging smartphones to reduce electronic waste. But to facilitate the ever-growing number of people who take advantage of the iPhone Pro and Pro Max like portable video cameras.

Gizmochina reports significant data in this sense. Export a file in 4K to 720GB using an iPhone 13 Pro Max with its Lightning cable, requires 3 hours and 45 minutes. The same transfers with an iPad Pro 2021, which has a USB-C, requires 3 minutes. In fact, the latest USB-C technology allows you to transfer data up to 40Gbps, while Lightning gets to 480Mbps, a speed comparable to that of USB 2.0.

Normally, there is little need to connect your iPhone to a PC or Macbook to transfer data. We are now used to using the cloud for save our files anyway. But with high-resolution videos that changes. The weight of the files is so high that it renders impractical the ability to use the internet connection to transfer them.

The need to export video becomes essential for the Pro version of iPhones: professionals who regularly record video work need the faster standard to transfer them.

But in addition to allowing greater convenience for videomakers, Apple would allow those who buy iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to use the many USB-C accessories (from chargers up). But this step would make it more difficult to explain why not adopt the USB-C standard also for the basic and mini versions.

However, the news is not confirmed, we will have to wait for September 2022 to have the changeover official. But if more details are leaked, we will keep you informed.