iPhone 14 Pro Max: i nuovi leak ne mostrano le caratteristiche thumbnail

iPhone 14 Pro: Camera and microphone lights change places

iPhone 14 Pro: news coming for the LEDs that notify the use of microphone and thumbnail camera

The new ones iPhone 14 will debut next week and variants Pro they prepare to say goodbye to the notch to make room for the double hole that will integrate the front camera and all the Face ID sensors. Also note that the double hole should also include LEDs that notify an app that an app is using the microphone and / or camera. Here are the details about this novelty:

iPhone 14 Pro: change the positioning of the notification LEDs for microphone and camera

The two indicators will no longer be shown to the right of the notch that will be removed from Apple’s new Pro smartphones. The new system aims at highlight these LEDs with the aim of clarifying to the user the use of the microphone or camera by an app. This is a novelty that underlines Apple’s commitment to improving the transparency and privacy for users. The functioning of the indicators should be the same as what is already recorded on the current iPhone 13. Only the positioning will change, at least as regards the Pro models.

I Apple’s new smartphones are ready to debut. This year, as never before, the Pro models will have an edge over the non-Pro models thanks to the presence of the new Apple A16 Bionic SoC that will not be offered on the two “base range”. Further updates on the issue will arrive shortly. The two smartphones will debut on 7 September.

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