iPhone 14 Pro e 14 Pro Max: il display sarà leggermente più grande thumbnail

iPhone 14 Pro: The display will be larger than expected

New rumors about the future keep coming iPhone 14 Pro. The new smartphones will debut only at the end of the summer but for some time the rumors are certainly not lacking. The new information today concerns, in particular, the dimensions of the display. Here are the full details:

The diagonal of the displays of the new iPhone 14 Pro will be slightly larger than the 13

The new iPhone 14 Pro will not retain the same display dimensions as their predecessors. According to the first rumors, in fact, the 14 Pro will present a diagonal of 6.12 in against the 6.06 inches of the 13 Pro. As for the Max variant, however, it will go from 6.68 inches to 6.69 in.

What is the reason for this novelty

According to the information revealed by insider Ross Young, at the base of this novelty and of the increase (albeit minimal) of the diagonal of the display of the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max there are two elements. Smartphones will have reduced frames and will eliminate the notch by introducing a hole on the display already renamed “pill” due to its particular shape.

More details on Apple’s new smartphones will certainly arrive over the next few weeks. The debut is getting closer and closer and, like every year, between the end of spring and summer the information on the new smartphones from Apple multiplies. We’ll see if these leaks turn out to be correct too.

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