Google I / O 2022: all announcements, hardware and software

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During the Google I / O 2022the company of Mountain View announced some really interesting hardware and software news. Since the arrival of the smartphone Pixel 6a and headphones Pixel Buds Proup to the previews of Pixel Watch and the next Pixel 7 e 7 Pro, arriving atand news of Android and all software productsAnd. An ever-growing ecosystem, with lots of announcements from Mountain View, where Sundar Pichai met a lot of developers.

Google I / O 2022: hardware and software announcements, from Pixel to Android

Sundar Pichai started the event by winning microphone issues like he was in a meeting on Meet. But there were so many Googlers in Mountain View. And Google has prepared a series of really interesting news from introduce them and the millions of connected developers and enthusiasts. In the event, Google started by talking about software functions. But how can we not start talking about the Pixels?

From the hardware point of view, Google has talked about a portfolio Pixel more and more complete. In fact it brought the Tensor processor are Google Pixel 6A, the least expensive version of your smartphone. And then he also announced the new ones Pixel Buds Propremium headphones that use six-core audio chips to enhance the music we listen to.

And then it showed in the preview Google Pixel Watch, the company’s first smartwatch. That’s right: it’s not here yet but it’s official. A circular smartwatch, which uses WearOS and implement the experience of Fitbit. This means you can use Maps and Google Wallet on your smartwatch, see all Fitbit stats and more. It will arrive this fall and we can’t wait.

In addition, Google showed a preview of the Pixel 7 and the new version of Tensor that will power them. Just an image, a few details. But enough to intrigue us. And he has announced that in 2023 the cousin tablet from Google, which will work best with your Pixel devices.

The new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Google Pixel 6a, the new budget smartphone

The devices of the series Google Pixel A they are always very successful and for good reason. The Pixel software at a reduced price. And this time Google also brought the chip Tensor used in the top of the range, with an American price of 449 dollars (at the moment we do not have the Italian price).

The iconic bar for the cameras seen in the Pixel 6 also remains, to make the three colors even more interesting Chalk, Charcoal e Sage. But what makes this smartphone a great deal are the premium features brought by the chip Tensor. You can use for example Live Translatefor simultaneous translation.

google pixel 6a IO 2022 min

The cameras (main and ultra-wide) use the function Real Tone to best represent the skin of those photographed, the Night Sight for when there is little light, the Magic Eraser in Photos to make distractions disappear.

The device will arrive in the United States on pre-order from July 21 to $ 449. Here we will find information for possible arrival in Italy, but we will keep you updated.

New in Google I / O 2022: here are the Pixel Buds Pro

Another important announcement concerns the audio world. Google announced the new ones Pixel Buds Pro, the first that use active noise cancellation (ANC) thanks to a six-core chip to take advantage of Google algorithms.

These headphones also use Silent Seal to ensure the best fit to your ears, with a pressure sensor that ensures you are always comfortable. There is certification IPX4 for headphones e IPX2 for safekeeping.

Pixel Buds Pro 2 google io 2022 new min

With the Multipoint connection you can quickly switch between smartphones (Android e iOS), laptop, TV. And just say “Hey, Google” to activate the Google Assistant. You can use these headphones for up to 7 hours with ANC or 11 hours without.

They come in colors Coral, Lemongrass, Fog e Charcoal on July 21 for pre-order at the price of 199 dollars. We will let you know the details for Italy as soon as they are available.

Software news at Google I / O 2022, from Search to Maps

As always, Google has given a special focus to its services, which are the real strength of the company. We started talking about the hardware but Sundar Pichai and the other Googlers that appeared instead started the Google I / O 2022 talking about Search and Maps.

Prabhakar Raghavan explained how Google Search is getting simpler and more natural. And it does so using various information: text, images, voice and more. The company recently launched multiple searches, but today it showed how you can ‘locate’ searches. For example, if you find a photograph of a delicious dish, Google suggests how to find a restaurant that prepares that dish near you.

Multisearch near me still min

Google Maps offers the possibility to visit a place virtually, using Street View on another level. And always with all the Maps information visible on the map. In addition, it allows you to organize in a manner ecological your travels, saving you fuel.

Android news and Smart home

Google then gave a first glimpse of Android 13, the operating system coming this year (and already in beta). Among the news announced is the automatic upgrade to the new standard for i RCS messages, announced at Google I / O 2022.

The company stressed the importance of security, talking about how it implemented two-factor security by default, which allows you to protect all your accounts with Sign in with Google. The passwordless future is upon us. And Android 13 will take advantage of increased account security to make it easier for you to use Google Wallet for payments, with the automatic creation of virtual cards and much more. Wallet also allows you to collect documents, virtual keys, airline tickets and more: even the Green Pass.

android 13 google io new 2022 min

Google then explained how the integration with Wear OS it will become more and more complete, with more and more apps available on the way. Furthermore, Android 12L allows you to work even on larger screens.

An important focus is also on voice recognition, which is becoming increasingly intelligent both on smartphones and for the smart home. For example sui Nest Hub comes the ability to look at the screen and make a request directly, without having to say “Hey Google“. The video data to recognize it will all be saved only on the device, even Google will never be able to access it.

Google also announced Matteran open ecosystem to allow you to connect all devices with the Fast Pairing in an instant. The smart home becomes more and more part of the Android ecosystem.

Privacy and security had a great deal of space on stage. In fact, Google will soon introduce My Ad Center, which allows you to manage which advertisements you can receive. The company has introduced several functions to control its data, a focus on privacy a must for the company.

All this information that we have reported represents only a part of what was said in the more than two hours of the opening event. Google talked about the simultaneous translation of Google Translate, text analysis and much more. And in the next two days there will be tons of hours di keynote e speech for developers. We will be selecting the most interesting news in the coming days to let you know what news is about to arrive.

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