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iPhone 14 specs revealed (along with price in China)

There are now only two days left until the next event in Apple, where we will see the new Apple smartphones. But in China they emerged early Technical specifications e prezzo from iPhone 14 and of the whole lineup: iPhone 14 Max, the Pro model and the Pro Max model. The price should start from 967 dollarsor at least it should be in China.

iPhone 14: specifications and price (Chinese) revealed in advance

The news comes from Weibothe Chinese social network, where they published a sheet with the specifications and price of the new ones iPhone 14 and Pro and Max versions (this year no mini). Not an official source, but it looks like the kind of presentation to give stores and distribution chains ahead of launch.

iPhone 14 should have a display from 6.1 inches with 2532 x 1170 resolutionwhile the Max versions come in 6.7 inches with 2778 x 1284. However, the Pro and Pro Max models will have a double cut-out for the front camera and FaceID, instead of the notch. Furthermore, they should have a brilliant 1200 nits brightness.

iPhone 14 specifications min

Pro models should also have a 48MPwhich will allow you to make videos from 8K, while the base and Max models will have the old 12MP sensor. All data confirmed, as well as the fact that the Pro and Pro Max models will be the only ones with processore A16 Bionicwhile the standard and Max models will remain at the current A15.

If everyone will have 6GB of RAMonly the Pros will have the technology LPDDR5, faster than the LPDDR4X of the others. As for the battery, the standard model will start from 3279mAhthe Max from 4325mAhthe Pro from 3200mAh and the Pro Max from 4323mAh. And given the excellent energy management of iOS, we think that the Max can become a true champion of autonomy.

The price

The most interesting data, however, is the price, even if it remains valid (if confirmed) only in China: we will have to wait for Wednesday for the Italian ones. But the standard version starts from 967 dollarsto get to the 1TB Pro Max which costs even $ 2,005, marking a possible new record. But we will know all the details on September 7: we will keep you informed.

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