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Nest of vipers from 15 September: the clips of the South Korean thriller

Coming to Italian cinemas Nido di vipere, a South Korean thriller born from the brilliant mind of Kim Yong-Hoon, blockbuster in the motherland. Officine Ubu has released the first and unpublished Italian clips of the thriller, from the novel of the same name by Japanese crime writer Keisuke Sone

Nest of vipersarriving in cinemas all over Italy starting from September 15, looks like a thriller where fate plays with the protagonists: four characters on the fringes of society intertwine unpredictably when a humble janitor finds a bag full of money abandoned in a locker. The unexpected discovery soon becomes a problem, bringing with it a tangle of stories of ruthless criminals and miserable existences. Between betrayals, murders, strokes of luck and bad luck, iDestiny mocks the four protagonists by weaving a dense plot, driving them into ever deeper trouble, through a desperate no-holds-barred game.

Nest of vipers, synopsis of the film by Kim Yong-Hoon

Deceive or you will be deceived. Bite or you will be bitten. Live or die.

They are the ones who have smelled the smell of dirty money …

With this opening he is presented to us Nest of vipers, South Korean movie by Kim Yog-hoon. The synopsis that is provided to us raises even more the expectation for the film, which will see the light of Italian cinemas starting from September 15:

A humble janitor, forced to take care of his sick mother, finds a bag full of money in a sauna cabinet where he works. He ignores, however, that behind the bag hides a tangle of stories of ruthless criminals: an indebted customs officer, a ferocious loan shark, a cunning scammer, a young escort with a violent husband and an illegal immigrant are hunting each other in an attempt to get their hands on money. Between murders, betrayals, strokes of luck and misfortune, their mocking destinies intersect, driving them into ever deeper troubles, in a desperate game with no holds barred.

Official clips in Italian of the South Korean thriller

With a pulp reenactment of Tarantino and noir of the brothers Coenthe long-awaited Nest of vipers boasts a prestigious choral cast with Jeon Do-yeon, awarded as Best Actress at Cannes 2007, the star Jung Woo-sung e Youn Yuh-jung, Oscar Premio per Minari. Waiting for its arrival in cinemas, here are the new clips in Italian:

Nest of vipers, curiosities about the blockbuster film

The rookie director Kim Yong-Hoon who directs Nest of vipers, is based on a screenplay of his from the novel “Waranimosugaru Kemonotachi” of the writer Keisuke Sone. According to the director, Japanese author Keisuke Sone who wrote the novel on which the film is based, “is a fan of Korean films” and “was very welcoming” to the idea of ​​a film adaptation.

Kim Yong-hoon first showed her script to the actress Jeon Do-yeon and the actress did not miss the opportunity: accepted the offer and convinced Youn Yuh-jung to join the cast. The original music of the film is by the composer Nene Kang (Borderless Walls) and the film has already received major recognition: Special Jury Prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

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