iPhone 14 will be the real revolution for Apple

iPhone 14 sarà la vera rivoluzione per Apple thumbnail

The new iPhone 13 just announced, in the opinion of many experts, does not offer many changes compared to last year. But some analysts argue that it serves primarily as a launch pad for the real revolution coming next year at Apple: iPhone 14. A device that promises essential changes. We already know something about.

iPhone 14: the real Apple revolution comes next year

It ProMotion screen that reaches up to 120Hz is the most noticeable change for this year’s iPhones. The other updates improve over the iPhone 12, but they don’t really change it: better cameras, battery, a smaller notch. All great improvements to have but that they can hardly convince those with an iPhone 12 to upgrade. And even the 120Hz screen only comes on the Pro models.

But second Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s tech analyst, the situation will be different next year. In his newsletter he explains that the next device will have a complete redesign. We can expect a change across the board, including the base model (little changed this year compared to last year).

Photo credits: MacRumors

According to Gurman, the reason why there have been few changes this year is to be found in the intense work for 2022 for Apple’s engineers. Among the many changes, one thinks of a design without notch, with the screen reaching all the way to the top edges of the device. At the moment, it seems too early to be sure which solution Apple has chosen. On the one hand, he may have found the best way to put the camera under the screen. But it seems more likely to shrink it behind a punch-hole instead, like many Android devices: a small selfie hole. Some analysts think that to do so, Apple gives up the Face ID to enter the fingerprint reader under the screen.

Another point touched by Gurman in the analysis concerns the obligation of the European Union to use the USB-C cable for charging. The analyst seems convinced that Apple can choose to opt for a iPhone 14 even without doors: wireless charging only, with MagSafe possibly. This would be the real revolution: if all the other innovations are already seen in the Android world, a wireless only device would change the smartphone world.

We will find out the details in the coming months, after all, there is still a year left for the new iPhone. But we can expect a lot of news.