iPhone 14 will have a larger battery, specs leaked

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There are still several months to go until the launch of iPhone 14, but the start of production has leaked some really interesting details. Like the size of the batterywhich should increase slightly for both iPhone 14 for Pro and Max versions: here are the alleged specifications.

iPhone 14, battery specs leaked

Leaker ShrimpApplePro picked up a post from a Chinese tipster, who allegedly obtained information from Apple’s manufacturers in China. It seems the information is based on realistic specifications. However, we’re talking about information from a leaker we know very little about, so we urge you to exercise the right amount of skepticism.

According to when it emerges, the new iPhone 14 is expected to have a battery from 3.279 mAh. Slightly more of the 3.240 mAh of the battery of the current iPhone 13. The Pro model also increases up to 3.200 mAh, uphill compared to 3.095 current.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max model should instead have a 4.323 mAha few less than the 4.352 mAh of the current top of the range. Instead, it seems that the largest battery ever will be the iPhone 14 Max, the 6.7-inch version of the standard iPhone (without the Pro’s cameras and features). We are talking about 4.325 mAhdefinitely more than the 2,406 mAh on iPhone mini which it replaces.

All these values ​​are lower than the average for Android smartphones. But iOS handles the battery differently, with the advantage of a software developed specifically for hardware.

The differences therefore will not in all likelihood be abysmal, unless the new ones chip have new functions for energy efficiency.

We expect more details on the iPhone 14 in the coming months before release. Especially given the start of mass production and distribution over the course of the summer. We will keep you informed.

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