iPhone 15: in titanium and with curved edges

iPhone 15: in titanio e con bordi curvi  thumbnail

Apple may return to curved edges for the future iPhone 15. The rumors are circulating on Twitter in these hours thanks to a post published by the leaker ShrimpApplePro.

The iPhone 15 could bring back old glories, but in a big way

Between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 11 Apple had accustomed us to curved smartphone edges. Con iPhone 12 the metallic and flat-edged style that we had already savored with the 5 and 5s models is back, but now the multinational would be ready for a leap in quality.

The curved edges could come back plus the chassis of the new iPhone could be built in titanium.

The signs for a design change could already be there, published without us even noticing it: the latest model of the MacBook Pro presents a design very similar to the one that Apple could apply to the iPhone 15, that is curved edges to form a J.

As stated by ShrimpAppePro, the next iPhone model could even be inspired by a 10-year-old model: l’iPhone 5Cthe cheapest and most colorful iPhone that the Cupertino multinational had put on the market.

Obviously the iPhone 15 should have a better structure, that is titanium, but be careful! Titanium is a material very valuablethat’s why most likely only models 15 pro e 15 Pro Ultra they might have it. For the 15 base and the 15 Plus Apple could bet on the evergreen stainless steel frame.

Obviously what emerged on Twitter is currently to be classified as rumors or, if you prefer, speculation. From the parent company they have not leaked any news and at the moment the newcomer is still on the crest of the wave, namely theiPhone 14.

Yet expectations on the iPhone 15 are huge, so who knows, maybe Apple will be able to surprise us. However, we still have some time before we find out.