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Xiaomi second top vendor in Italy for distributed smartphones

Xiaomi, the consumer electronics company with smartphones and smart devices interconnected by an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, increases its presence on the market positioning itself at the second place in Italia e in Europa in the ranking of top smartphone vendors shipped in Q3 2022.

The news was confirmed by the latest report Canalyswith a market share of 26% in Italy and the 23% in Europe, achieving an annual growth of 5% in both areas. Let’s find out all the details together.

Xiaomi second top vendor in Italy for distributed smartphones

xiaomi top vendor tech princess

Thomas Mathe General Manager of Xiaomi Italyrecently stated:

“In a decidedly challenging global situation, to which the smartphone sector must inevitably adapt and reinvent itself, we are proud to once again confirm our presence and our growth in the Italian market. In a 2022 that has put the whole sector to the test, we have strengthened our position as the second player in the country, thanks to the support of our commercial partners and consumer confidence.”

The Canalys report also highlighted other important details. In fact, it seems that Xiaomi has conquered the second place in the ranking also as European top seller. In fact, the brand boasts a 23% market share it’s a annual growth of 5%winning the only positive growth result among the “big three”, namely Samsung and Apple.

For more information on the brand you can consult the official site.

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