iPhone 15: Overheating will soon be solved

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Overheating of the iPhone 15 is a very recurring problem with Apple’s latest model, but the company assures us that it will soon be solved

The overheating of the iPhone 15 is considered a very serious problem by Apple, so much so that the company’s employees immediately started looking for the solution and discovered that the cause of these high temperatures was a software bug which made the devices so hot that they were untouchable for users. This weekend the American company told us that it is working on the IOS update moving to IOS 17. They have detected a couple of glitches that increase the temperature of the smartphone more than usual.

iPhone 15: overheating will soon say goodbye to us

According to Apple, there are some applications that cause the overheating problem, overloading the IOS 17 system. One such app is Instagram, whose creator, Meta, has announced that it will make changes to the app’s software to prevent some iPhone models from overheating. There are more updates in progress for the video game Asphalt 9 and the home service app Uber. Apple has revealed that the overheating problems have no connection to the titanium chassis that is used for the iPhone 15 pro models, they also added that the blame is not even to be placed on the new USB-C port which replaced the Lightning connector on all iPhone 15 models.

We don’t know when the iOS 7 system update will arrive, but Apple assures us that it will there are no safety problems which should steer users away from using an IPhone 15, IPhone 15 Pro, IPhone 15 Plus, and IPhone 15 Pro Max, despite the overheating issues. If smartphones can heat up while users use very heavy applications, such as a video game with high graphics performancethe problem goes far beyond this example, so much so that some have even used digital thermometers and ultraviolet imaging to realize that some iPhone 15 models they reach triple-digit temperaturesin Fahrenheit.

Since IOS 17 was released on the market, IOS 17.0.1 has already been released with a patch with two security flawsfor this reason IOS 10.0.2 was released to eliminate a bug that was freezing iPhone 15s in transferring data from the old model to the new one. Apple takes immediate action when users encounter such problems that cause inconvenience, so we are confident that the iPhone 15 overheating problem will be resolved as soon as possible. Follow us on techgameworld.com to stay updated on any updates on the iPhone and other mobile devices.

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