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iPhone 15, restrictions for uncertified USB-C accessories

It is already known that the next iPhone 15 will have the new attack USB-C, as required by the new European regulations. Therefore, any cable can be used. This change, however, will not take place without what has been defined as a “tax” by Apple: this will activate the program Made for iPhone. Here’s what it is.

Made for iPhone, the “tax” introduced by Apple

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Apparently Apple it could activate his program Made For iPhonewhich certifies i third party products compatible and it seemed it would disappear with the arrival of the port USB-C. What does it mean?

Made for iPhone is a certification program launched in January 2005 and originally designed for the iPod line. In fact, the initial name was Made For iPod. Subsequently, Apple extended the program to all of its own devicescome iPad e iPhone to certify peripherals compatible with technologies such as AirPlay, CarPlay, HomeKit e Lightning.

This means that the Cupertino company sells the certification in exchange for a percentage for the royalty, but that made sense with cable Lightning. With USB-C it looked like it would disappeared. But no.

iPhone 15 Dynamic Island

This decision by the company derives from the fact that in this way it can still guarantee a constant flow of revenues from the percentages on the sales of accessories. The European rules, in theory, could allow this move on a legal level and if we want to find the positive side it is that some MFi products third-party are more cheap of the official ones Apple.

The introduction of the USB-C cable for iPhone 15

The Cupertino giant has already introduced the USB-C port for Macs. In addition, Apple is expected to make some design updates from the iPhone 15 Pro chassis, adding a deeper curve.

Other leaked information concerns the material: seems to have been using the titanium instead of stainless steel. Not only that: according to the information received, with the transition to the USB-C port, Apple is thinking of replacing the Lightning E75 controller with an E85 port controller.

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