Qualcomm aims to improve smartphone photography

Qualcomm investe in Prophesee per migliorare la fotografia su smartphone thumbnail

April 3, 2021, Brazil. In this photo illustration a Qualcomm logo seen displayed on a smartphone

Qualcomm invests in the future of smartphone photography. The American company, in fact, aims to revolutionize the sector integrating Prophesee’s Event Based Metavision sensors and software into its SoCsa French company that with its technology aims to improve camera performance, especially in low light conditions and moving subjects, aspects in which smartphones are still lacking.

Qualcomm invests in the future of mobile photography with a partnership with Prophesee

The Prophesee technology in which Qualcomm has invested tip is aimed at improvement of shotsespecially those made in low light conditions e dthe moving subject., A demonstration was given by the video below.

It is a system that aims to obtain the deblurring of images by exploiting an algorithm that can dynamically eliminate motion blur. The system includes Metavision sensors where each pixel has a logical nucleus capable of guaranteeing constant monitoring of changes in the captured scene.

The peculiarity of the solution developed by Prophesee concerns the ability to monitor changes that occur within a scenewith an analysis pixel per pixel, even in “difficult” conditions such as subjects at high speed and/or in low light conditions. The technology developed by Prophesee will be integrated into Qualcomm SoCs in the near future.

Qualcomm already plans to release development kits to take advantage of the new features. We’ll see how these technologies will be implemented.

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