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iPhone 15: the proximity sensor will be in the Dynamic Island

The second generation of the Dynamic Island will make its debut with the new iPhone 15. Apple is working to enrich the functionality of its “dynamic island” which stands out at the top of the display of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. A small but significant change is expected with the next generation. Here are all the details about it:

In the new Dynamic Island of iPhone 15 there will be space for the proximity sensor

As revealed by the always well-informed Ming-Chi Kuoexpert analyst on the news coming to the Apple world, the new generation of the Dynamic Islandmaking its debut with the next iPhone 15, it will also include the proximity sensor.

Currently, this sensor is positioned outside the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. For the future, however, the sensor will move to become part of the range of elements enclosed by the dynamic islandthe solution with which Apple intends to definitively retire the notch on smartphones (while on MacBooks it will continue to be a characteristic element of design).

Naturally, Apple will continue to enrich the software features of the Dynamic Island in the near future. For future iPhones, in fact, there will be the possibility of benefiting from various innovations. The proximity sensor added inside the Dynamic Island will represent, in any case, one of the characterizing elements of the new generation.

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